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ELKO – The ballot boxes have closed, the votes have been counted and Reece Keener is now Elko’s next mayor.

“On a scale of one to ten I am a solid ten about being excited that the campaign season is over,” Keener said. “I’m excited to be taking the helm in January. We’ve really got to watch costs in terms of sticking to our budgets. I also want to continue focusing on public safety.”

“We do believe this is a great city and we both want to give back to the city and we’re totally invested in what’s best for Elko,” his wife Tami Keener said.

Earlier today on Facebook Keener wrote, “It’s almost over! Please get out and vote today if you haven’t already. I would be honored to have your vote for mayor.”

He went on to thank his wife and those who have supported his campaign, including the Elko police, Adam Laxalt, and all of the current Elko county commissioners.

“For the Association there was one individual who stood out and for that reason, we support Reece Keener for Mayor of the City of Elko,” a spokesperson from the Elko Police Officer’s Protective Association wrote in a letter to the editor in the Elko Daily Free Press. “Mr. Keener has proven his abilities by spending the last 13 ½ years within the city organization in addition to running two businesses within the City of Elko, even during tough economic times.”

Good wishes also poured in on social media from people who support him both near and far. High school classmates from Reno, California and his hometown of Winnemucca sent messages of encouragement.

Cathy McAdoo, a regent for the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents, attended the Keener election night party. She said she was grateful for all of the candidates who ran for office and that they really put themselves out before the community. She tried to be as educated a voter as possible. In the end she felt that Keener wants to do what is right for the community.

“I did what I could,” McAdoo said. “I prayed for wisdom, I went to all the community forums and I voted.”

Keener ran against Marcey Logsden, a former health care professional at Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital.

In a final count of 5,081 votes Keener received 3,010 votes and Logsden 2,071.

Before winning the mayoral position, Keener served on the Elko City Council since 2013. He was first appointed to fill a vacancy and was then re-elected in 2014. He has served on the panning commission for more than eight years and has been chair for the last year and a half.

Keener and his wife run two successful businesses in the community, PNCC and Alliance Document Technologies.

In an interview printed by the Elko Daily Free Press on Nov. 1 Keener said he did not feel he would make any erratic changes to local government if he won the mayor’s race. He quoted the city mission statement and vowed to uphold its tenants.

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Keener said he is focused on overseeing downtown redevelopment and noted the progress that has already been made. Keener has been involved in other infrastructural changes such as the Elko sports complex and bringing better broadband to the region.

“Reece really is the most experienced and best candidate,” friend and supporter Kurt Neddenriep said at the election party.

The mayor receives a small compensation for governing and performing services for the community.

“The mayor receives $14,460 per year,” city manager Curtis Calder said. “They also receive Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) service credit.”

According to the City of Elko’s website, “the mayor presides over city council meetings and serves as the chief executive officer of the city.”

Former mayors have also represented the city in many other ways by attending civic functions, ground-breaking events and political rallies.

“I would like to say that we stayed positive and that it demonstrates that you can still win an election and not have to go negative,” Keener said.

Keener will begin his first term as mayor on Jan. 1, 2019.

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