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ELKO – The school board is seeking bids for a new Spring Creek elementary school, which is estimated at $33 million.

Trustees voted unanimously Monday to advertise for bids for the school on Parkchester Drive in Spring Creek’s Marina Hill’s tract 100.

Bids will be opened March 15 and the school board will approve at the March 27 meeting.

In 2017, Spring Creek was chosen as the site of the new elementary school in the district to alleviate overcrowding at Spring Creek Elementary. The Spring Creek Association sold an 11-acre parcel of land to the district for $240,000 to construct the new school.

The school’s design mirrors West Wendover Elementary School, said Superintendent Jeff Zander, adding it also saved about three percent of the architectural and engineering fees from Design West Architects.

“We saved some money there,” Zander said. “Design West charges seven percent for the design fee, but the cost was only four percent.”

Zander said the plans were intended not to “underbuild” the school, and it includes two alternate additions for six additional classrooms and/or a locker room off of the gymnasium.

If approved in the final bid, the six classrooms could raise the capacity of the school, which starts at 713 students, Zander said.

“The capacity is variable, but is based on 23 students per classroom,” Zander said. “If they approve the alternate, it would increase the capacity by 138 students to a total of 851 student capacity.”

The second alternate, an additional locker room, could be used to provide a facility for tournaments or for other local needs, Zander said, but one or both of the alternates could be removed if the actual bid is in excess of the proposed amount.

Those alternates were part of West Wendover’s school, Zander said, but were removed after the final bid came in, which was $5 million in excess. Completed in 2016, the school’s final cost was about $26.9 million, including the land acquisition.

“We were fortunate as a result of the timing of the bid, this project did not require the payment of prevailing wages,” Zander said, adding that for this project, prevailing wage came to about 25 percent of the total.

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It is expected that if everything runs smoothly, construction of the Spring Creek school could start in the spring, Zander said.

“Optimistically, we could break ground this spring if there’s some healthy competition and the bid comes in at a reasonable price,” Zander said.

Once the school is completed, the Spring Creek boundaries will be “readjusted” by the district for each of the three elementary schools, which includes Sage Elementary and Spring Creek Elementary.

“We’d have approximately 500 elementary students per school,” Zander said, adding that the school is being called the Parkchester School for now, but it will change.

“A naming committee will be formed and it’s the general policy to name the school after the nearby locality,” Zander said.

Because of scheduling issues among board members and Zander who is attending a conference that starts on Tuesday, the regular meeting was set for Monday, Feb. 12. The next regular meeting is set for Feb. 27.


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