ELKO – Ruby Mountain Lock and Safe owner Bill Hance filed to make another run at city council Monday.

A native Nevadan and resident of Elko for 27 years, Hance said he has given a lot back to the community, "and I’d like to give a little bit more back to the community.”

Hance ran for city council four years ago, and said that this year he felt he has “a pretty good chance” at being elected because there are no incumbents who are running for re-election.

Councilman Reece Keener relinquished his seat to run for mayor, filing as a candidate on March 5. John Patrick Rice stated last week he would not seek another term on the council.

Hance said that his prior experience in both government and the private sector allowed him to bring a “different perspective” to the city.

“I have 20 plus years working for the Department of Information Technologies and the Department of Transportation,” Hance said. He currently sits on the E-911 Board and on the Elko Central Dispatch Administrative Authority Executive board. A former member of the TV District board, he now serves as a consultant.

He also said he has followed the city council and explained his thoughts on the “ongoing saga” regarding the marijuana dispensary recently tackled by the city council.

“I feel I can bring both sides of the fence in the business market and from the government side and lend my insight to that,” Hance said.

“I believe there’s some latitude to changing some things including the city code to mirror more of the other jurisdictions in the state and then letting any business that  applies, be it a dispensary or any other business, come in on equal footing and be able to ultimately thrive and help our economy.”

“I feel I have a good ear. I have an open-door policy. You can come see me anytime or call me,” Hance said. “It’s not a one-person show. It’s a voice for your constituents to pass along to everyone else.”

Businessman Chip Stone also filed for city council Monday. The two-week filing period ends March 16.