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Marina moose

Joe Doucette of the Nevada Department of Wildlife provided this photo of a young bull moose seen Tuesday afternoon in Spring Creek

SPRING CREEK – Drivers on the parkway beware – a young bull moose is hanging around the Spring Creek Marina.

A resident spotted the moose Tuesday, and Joe Doucette of the Nevada Department of Wildlife provided the Elko Daily with a photo.

Moose sightings are relatively rare in the high desert, but Doucette said Elko and Humboldt counties are estimated to have a population of about 40-45 animals. Most of them are believed to have migrated here from Utah over the past six or seven years.

As far as reaching into a populated area like Spring Creek, Doucette said this moose “is the first one I am aware of.” One was spotted a couple years ago on the outskirts of the community, by the 6 Bar Ranch, he said.

Moose have been seen in Paradise Valley, where a large wildfire started last week, but Doucette said the bull’s arrival in Spring Creek may not be related to that.

“Most of them are young bulls. They’re wandering around,” he said. The older males are territorial and may be looking for a mate.

Anyone who spots a moose should stay away.

“They look very peaceful but looks can be deceiving,” Doucette said. “They are very large animals, and if they do get riled up they can do a lot of damage,” especially if they are protecting a calf nearby. “If they feel threatened they can be very aggressive.”

Drivers in Spring Creek should keep their speed down, especially in the evenings and early mornings.

“They are the largest member of the deer family, and if you hit one with your vehicle it could do a whole lot of damage,” he said.

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