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Countdown to legal pot: What is an ounce of marijuana?

This photo illustration shows an ounce of dried basil.

The Elko Daily Free Press is counting down the days until marijuana is legal in Nevada by answering questions concerning the law.

Q: How much is an ounce of marijuana?

A: An ounce of marijuana is 28.35 grams, enough to roll dozens of “joints.”

On Jan. 1, an ounce of marijuana is legal to possess in Nevada for people 21 years old and older, but some people may not know what an ounce of the drug looks like.

Elko County Commissioner Rex Steninger was one of those people when he asked local law enforcement during Monday’s commission meeting.

“What is one ounce? What’s a cigarette?” he asked.

When shown the estimated amount, Commissioner Delmo Andreozzi said “holy Toledo.”

According to the website Stuff Stoners Like an ounce of weed is enough to roll 40 joints. However, this can vary depending on who rolls the marijuana cigarette. Researchers estimated the average joint contains 0.32 grams of marijuana, according to A 2014 report from the White House estimated the average joint contains about 0.43 grams.

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The Free Press didn’t have any weed lying around, so we measured out an ounce of dried basil. It came to about two-thirds of a cup.

Another question people may have is how much per ounce the drug costs. Legalizing it for recreational use seems to lower the price.

According to a May 2015 Forbes article an ounce of weed costs between $204 to $387 in the U.S. In the four states that legally sell it, Oregon was the lowest at $204 and Alaska was the highest at $294. These four states also had the cheapest prices for weed. The nationwide average is $324.

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