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ELKO – The Elko District Attorney’s Office is considering whether to file charges over an altercation in which one Great Basin College administrator claims she was shoved by another administrator during a discussion about paid time off.

According to documents released by District Attorney Tyler Ingram, Elko police were called to the college at about 2:15 p.m. Friday after GBC Vice President for Academic Affairs Sonja Brown reported being pushed by Vice President of Business Affairs Sonja S. Sibert.

Brown had entered Sibert’s office to complain about her leave time being modified in the Human Resources system without her permission, according to the officer’s report. Brown told police the conversation became hostile and Sibert became violent and angry, asking Brown to leave her office. Brown said she wanted to discuss the issue further, at which point Sibert got out of her chair, pushed Brown and demanded she leave or security would be called.

Sibert left the building but later told police that it was Brown who became hostile during the discussion.

“Silbert said that she eventually got out of her desk and lightly pushed Brown’s shoulder in an attempt to get her to turn around toward the exit,” stated the police report.

“She would not leave and after multiple times of asking her to leave, I touched her with open fingers on my hand on her left shoulder to guide her out of my office …” Sibert wrote in a witness statement.

When Brown was asked to demonstrate the encounter on a police officer, it was “a jabbing push using both hands with enough force to put [the officer] off balance,” the report said.

No arrests were made, according to Elko police Lt. Mike Palhegyi.

“There were no injuries, no punches thrown,” he said, however pushing someone is considered battery under Nevada law.

The incident was first reported by Elko Broadcasting Co. on Monday.

Great Basin College officials did not respond to a request for comment from the Elko Daily Free Press.

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