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ELKO — A local man was arrested after allegedly trying to enter an unlocked car and an unlocked residence in the same night on Sunday.

David Nelson, 51, was first reported by witnesses at the scene to be entering a parked vehicle, according to police.

Officer were not able to determine if anything was missing from the vehicle but one of the officer responding to the scene later got word that Nelson had entered an apartment building after walking through an unlocked door near 101 Spruce Road, where he was arrested.

The apartment was inhabited by a female who pushed Nelson out of the apartment once she awoke to the sound of her door opening around 8 p.m..

Lt. Mike Palhegyi said the woman was shocked to see an unknown person in her apartment.

“She thought it was her boyfriend coming over and then there’s a strange guy in her apartment,” he said. “I believe she had a child with her but he just let himself into the apartment through an unlocked door.”

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Nelson did not steal anything from the apartment and officers are attempting to reach out to the vehicle owner to confirm if anything was taken.

Palhegyi said it is common for thieves to take advantage of unlocked doors instead of attempting a break in.

“Both of these situations could have been avoided if these people had secured their vehicle and secured their door,” he said. “Typically these people will go through an apartment complex or shopping mall and just try doors on vehicles. When they find an unlocked one, that’s when they go in and start stealing stuff. It doesn’t mean that people don’t break into cars but usually it’s the path of least resistance.”

Nelson was charged with two counts of burglary and his bail was set at $40,000.


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