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SPRING CREEK – An encounter between a man and his neighbor’s dog ended with a dog being shot and killed Sunday night.

Ryley Schackman, 21, was arrested for allegedly shooting his neighbor’s dog.

The dispute was reported by neighbors who stated to a sheriff’s deputy that they heard a commotion outside, including dogs barking.

Schackman stated that the neighbor’s dog had breached the fence before he fired three shots.

After further investigation, however, the deputy determined that Schackman was outside when his dog and the neighbor’s dog began to fight through the fence.

A witness reported that Schackman kicked the fence before shooting the neighbor’s dog while it was still on his neighbor’s property, according to a press release from the Elko County Sherriff’s department.

Schackman later admitted to lying in parts of his originally statement and was arrested. While being escorted away, he made a statement to a witness that the deputy perceived as a threat.

As a result, the suspect was charged with threatening or intimidating a witness, along with discharging a firearm in the dark, killing another’s animal, and obstructing or hindering an investigation.

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Lt. Kevin McKinney said officers can piece together physical evidence at the scene of a crime and that it can be difficult for suspects to maintain a lie in their stories.

“You have to remember a lie, but you don’t really have to remember the truth,” he said. “Usually when you’re questioning people and talking to them about stuff, you can come up with inconsistencies when they’re being untruthful since it’s difficult to maintain a lie for any length of time.”

His bail was set at $12,280.


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