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ELKO – A Sun Valley man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend’s pet goats in Spring Creek is facing felony charges of animal cruelty.

Michael T. Boharsik, 28, was booked into Elko County Jail Monday in a case that dates back to 2016. Allegations of animal cruelty came to light after he was arrested in January 2017 on seven counts of domestic violence; one count of stalking; and two counts of false impersonation of a public officer.

According to a witness statement, three of the woman’s four pet goats died while in Boharsik’s care; one of them after he had been kicked out of her house.

In the first incident, Boharsik allegedly grabbed her goat by the neck and threw it around while at a friend’s house. It suffered a broken leg and was treated by a vet, but later died while left at home with Boharsik.

The woman said the second goat she brought home died within one hour of her leaving for work.

She then bought two more goats, and got a call from Boharsik saying there was something wrong with one of them named Merlin. It was taken to a vet, who determined its jaw had been broken in three places.

The goat had surgery and recovered. Meanwhile, the woman received a restraining order against Boharsik.

A week before Christmas 2016 the woman found her house broken into and the pet goat lying dead by his kennel in the laundry room. She also reported an envelope labeled “Merlin surgery fund” containing $600 was missing.

Boharsik was charged with four counts of killing, maiming, disfiguring or poisoning an animal belonging to another person; and burglary. Bail on the five charges totaled $40,000.

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