ELKO – A Spring Creek man who was accused of making a bomb threat at the Elko County court complex is facing new charges involving crimes at several local businesses.

Casey D. Overacker, 34, was arrested Friday at Elko County Jail on a felony warrant charging six counts of burglary; nine counts of uttering a fictitious bill, note or check; two counts of possessing a forged instrument; and grand larceny.

One complaint accuses him of cashing or trying to cash stolen checks in February at the Spring Inn, TNT Hair and Nail, Jerman’s and Khoury’s Mini Mart in Spring Creek.

Another complaint accuses Overacker of posing as a man named “Daniel” in August and trying to pass a $1,000 handwritten check at Codale Electric under the account of Comforts of Home.

Also in August, a complaint accuses Overacker of stealing a laptop computer valued at $650 from Aaron’s rental in Elko, after his rental application was denied. He entered the store in a wheelchair and was seen “playing” with the laptop, which was secured to a table by a locked cable, employees told police. Later, they noticed he and the computer were gone.

Yet another complaint accuses Overacker of passing two counterfeit $10 bills at the Red Lion.

Bail on all of the charges totaled $185,000.

In December, Overacker pleaded no contest to attempting to communicate a bomb threat but a visiting judge had to accept his plea because Elko District Judge Al Kacin recused himself from the case, saying he “could not set aside the anger I feel for that type of action.”

According to the Elko County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy determined that Overacker’s girlfriend, Shawna Parker, was scheduled to appear in court on June 19, the day of the bomb threat. Evidence led to his arrest on Oct. 4 but he was offered a plea bargain from a Category B to Category C felony. He could be sentenced to up to five years in prison in that case.

According to Elko Daily Free Press files, Overacker was also arrested in May along with Parker at a local motel after Parker was allegedly observed passing a counterfeit $20 bill. A small amount of heroin and drug paraphernalia were found in the room, along with two additional counterfeit bills on Parker, according to police.