ELKO – Telephone scammer are targeting Elko residents again, in more ways than one.

The Elko County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public about multiple scams. Callers will ask the person to purchase gift cards or prepaid Visa cards, then request the card numbers. Once this is done the scammer can use these cards without being traced.

The scammer will state the person missed jury duty, has a warrant, has a family member incarcerated and bail needs to be paid, or will claim to be from the IRS and be collecting unpaid taxes.

“Should you receive a call from someone claiming to be a representative of the Sheriff’s Office and you wish to confirm their identity and purpose of their call, contact Lt. Kevin McKinney at 775-777-2540,” said a notice from the sheriff’s office.

The Elko County Sheriff’s Office will never call requesting fees be paid using gift cards or prepaid Visa cards. Also, residents are advised to use caution when giving or confirming personal information over the phone.

“If this happens to you and you give the scammer any money and you reside in the county please contact the Elko County Sheriff’s Office main number at 775-738-3421 to make a report,” said the announcement.