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ELKO – Two Elko men were arrested for allegedly trying to spend counterfeit money on Saturday.

Lester Thurman Jr. and Vernon Evans were both arrested in the parking lot of Scoreboard Bar and Grill for possessing forged bills, while Thurman was also charged with possession with intent to utter a fictitious bill.

According to Elko County Undersheriff Ron Supp, Thurman first tried to use a fake $20 bill at the Maverik in Spring Creek where a clerk noticed the bill was counterfeit. Thurman identified himself when the clerk asked for his name and the Maverik employee was able to get a description of the vehicle Thurman arrived in as well as a license plate number.

Deputies later caught up with the vehicle in the parking lot of Scoreboard with Evans and Thurman inside the vehicle.

Supp said Thurman admitted to deputies that he tried to spend the counterfeit bill at Maverik and that he received it from someone he did not know.

When Thurman gave deputies consent to search the car, another counterfeit $20 bill was found on the floor of the vehicle where Evans was sitting. Evans stated to deputies that Thurman had given him that $20 bill.

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Supp said the counterfeit bill was easy to spot as it was not of a very high quality.

“They were both obviously counterfeit to the deputy that said even to the untrained eye you would have known it was a counterfeit bill, so he arrested them on those charges,” he said.

Thurman’s bail was listed at $10,000 while Vernon’s bail was $5,000.


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