WEST WENDOVER – A Utah woman who allegedly tried to cash a bogus check at a Wendover casino fled from police in the parking lot, but was captured when she tripped and fell.

Police were called to the Rainbow Casino on Feb. 23 to investigate a “suspicious circumstance,” according to Lt. Don Lininger of the West Wendover Police Department.

“As officers arrived a female attempted to flee from the officers but fell to the ground after tripping,” he said.

Officers soon learned that Elizabeth N. Weight, 32, of Provo had attempted to cash a business check at the Rainbow. When the cashier took the check to verify it, Weight left.

“The check was found to be counterfeit,” Lininger said. “Officers also located methamphetamine and heroin on Elizabeth during a search incident to arrest.”

Weight was arrested on charges of obtaining or using another person’s ID for harmful or unlawful purposes; use or possession of drug paraphernalia; forgery; delivering, selling, possessing or manufacturing drug paraphernalia; possessing a drug not for interstate commerce; and trafficking a controlled substance.

Elko County Jail listed her bail at $281,780.