Elko Animal Shelter

Statistics for week of July 5-12

Incoming: 48

Adopted: 8

Redeemed to Owner: 7

Rescue Groups: 15

Euthanized: 4 (Feral Cats: 7)

Owner Surrendered: 14

Currently In-House: 27

Adult Dogs:

1-Male Shepherd Mix

1-Male Husky Mix

1-Female American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

1-Male Spaniel Mix

1-Neutered Male German Shepherd Mix

2-Male Yorkie Mixes

1-Female Yorkie Mix

1-Male Labrador Retriever Mix

1-Female Pit Bull Terrier Mix

1-Female Border Collie/Retriever Mix

2-Male Border Collie Mixes

Puppies: 0

Cats: 4

Kittens: 4