Food Establishment Inspections – October 2019
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Food Establishment Inspections – October 2019

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Food Service Establishment Inspections

ELKO – The Elko Daily Free Press obtains environmental health inspections of food establishments through public information requests submitted to the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health of the Department of Health and Human Services. Reports are public information, and the selection of reports focuses on food establishments serving Elko and Spring Creek.

Oct. 1

Teriyaki Madness: 98

Food handlers must properly wash hands before putting on or changing gloves. Instruction was given.

Oct. 3

Big Petroleum: 98

Provide a covered waste receptacle in the ladies room.

Oct. 8

Bourbon Street Sports Bar: 100

Points (restaurant): 100

Points (bar): 100

Oct. 10

Rolberto’s Mexican Food: 95

Label bulk containers of food and spray bottles as to their contents. Cover food in the walk-in and reach-in coolers. Clean and sanitize the ice dispenser piece on the soda machine. Trim the three-compartment sink pipe so that there is an air gap to prevent backflow.

Himiko Steakhouse and Sushi: 81

This establishment must obtain parasite destruction records for all raw fish products by Nov. 17. Fried shrimp, cut avocado, cut limes and cut green onions kept at room temperature must be used within four hours of being cooked or cut. Failure to comply with the procedure may result in the suspension of food being allowed to not stay at the required hot or cold holding temperatures. The rice had a pH of 4.4. The pH must be between 3.3 – 4.1. The pH probe must be calibrated daily. The inspector will revisit the restaurant next week to ensure the deficiency has been corrected. There was no chlorine present in the dishwashing machine. Utensils and equipment must be washed, rinsed and sanitized manually until the unit can be serviced. The dishwasher must be serviced within 48 hours of this inspection. Wiping cloths must be stored in a bucket of water with adequate sanitizer concentration. Wiping cloths were left out on counters and tucked into the back pocket of a food handler’s pants. Store wiping cloth buckets below and away from food preparation surfaces. Do not store them on the counter near the sushi cutting boards. Replace the broken, glass sliding doors of the sushi cases. Store the ice scoop on a tray. Clean the vent “fuzzies” off the vent in the walk-in refrigerator. Clean underneath the counters and equipment racks. Have an HVAC technician check the hoods to ensure that adequate CFMs exist to properly remove smoke, steam, vapors and odors from the rooms and equipment. Both hoods were last serviced in March of 2019. Hoods must be serviced every six months. All food out of the original containers must be labeled. Store open bags of food in sealed containers. The sanitizer concentration exceeded 200 ppm. The solution must be kept between 50–100 ppm. Do not wrap the corners of the hand sink with duct tape. Round the corners to prevent them from being too sharp. Thaw ice on the door of the walk-in freezer and around the pipes.

Oct. 17

R Place (market): 97

Clean and sanitize the ice dispenser piece of the soda machine. Trim the ice machine drain pipes so that they are at least two times higher than the diameter of the pipe of the mop sink drain. Clean debris, dirt and insect carcasses from underneath the racks and shelves in the back food storage area.

R Place (deli): 99

Wiping cloth sanitizer buckets must be refreshed at least once every four hours. Store the wiping cloths on the cash registers in sanitizer solution and sanitize in between uses.

Oct. 22

Ruby Mountain Brewing Company: 96

Rodent droppings were found on and around grain bags. Discard the product that was breached by rodents and clean and sanitize the area. I recommend placing tin cats and commercial bait stations inside and, especially, outside of your facility starting in the spring and ending in the fall to keep pests from entering the facility.

Oct. 29

Collective Coffee Roasters: 100

Collective Coffee Roasters (catering): 100

Donuts ’N Mor: 95

Place prepared burritos on ice or surrounded by ice packs in coolers when transporting them to the Mudd Hut and other vendors.

Oct. 30

Bair Distributing Inc.: 98

Clean the mold off the inside of the walk-in refrigerator.

Toki Ona (restaurant): 92

The operator was suspended from preparing prime rib during the last annual inspection until the logs of time temperature of the roast were logged and monitored during cooking and hot holding. The operator was found cooking prime rib during today’s inspection and not logging temperatures or duration of cooking. Prime rib and other roasts must be cooked to an internal temperature of at least 130 degrees F. and hold it there for at least 112 minutes. You must discontinue preparing prime rib until a meat thermometer that can continually record the temperatures of the meat is purchased and logs are created to ensure the roast is being cooked to the correct temperatures for the corresponding amount of time. A meat thermometer must be purchased by Nov. 6.

Toki Ona (bar): 99

Provide hand wash signs at all hand-washing sinks.

Hampton Inn Continental Breakfast: 87

The hand sink had no soap. Keep the hand sink stocked at all times with soap and paper towels. No test kit or test strips were available to test the sanitizing residuals or final rinse temperatures in the dishwashing machine. Be sure to change the sanitizer buckets at least every four hours. A paper cup was found in the sugar bin. Clean the utensil drawer.

Oct. 31

The Stage Door Elko LLC: 98

Label all foods out of their original containers as to the contents and best by date or the date the date of preparation or opening. Remove stickers from drink cups and shakers.


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