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Food establishment Inspections
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Food establishment Inspections

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Food Service Establishment Inspections

ELKO – The Elko Daily Free Press obtains environmental health inspections of food establishments through public information requests submitted to the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health of the Department of Health and Human Services. Reports are public information, and the selection of reports focuses on food establishments serving Elko and Spring Creek.

Aug. 12

Round Table Pizza: 94

The operator voluntarily discontinued taking orders this afternoon due to their pizza oven breaking a chain and the hot water heater not working properly. Contact the company that services your ice machine and have them service it to sanitary conditions regularly. Label your quaternary ammonia spray bottles with the date they were prepared and check with quaternary test strips daily to ensure the sanitizer concentration is maintained between 200 to 400 ppm. The hand sink near the ware washing area is inoperable. The hand sink to the right of the pizza cutting station did not have an operable soap dispenser. Replace broken light bulbs above the ware washing and beer tap areas. Clean vents and ceilings of dirt and debris above the work prep areas.


Aug. 13

Desert Sno: 99

The chlorine sanitizer concentration for the wiping cloth bucket was at about 30 ppm. Maintain a concentration of 75 ppm.


McMurtrey’s Pub (restaurant): 94

Butter that requires refrigeration must be marked with the time it was pulled out of refrigeration and discarded after four hours or marked with the time it must be discarded. Date mark bloody mary mix that is not used within 24 hours. The chlorine sanitizer in the wiping cloth bucket was at about 30 ppm. Maintain the solution at 75 ppm.

McMurtrey’s Pub (bar): 100


Monkey Sun: 86

Social distancing between the staff and patrons was not adequately maintained. The operator did not have 6 feet of separation between tables. Raw shrimp and beef were found over the ready-to-eat food in the walk-in cooler. Chemical bottles containing sanitizer solution and oven cleaner were not labeled properly. Do not store frozen or refrigerated food in non-food grade plastic bags or non-commercial plastic containers. Clean and sanitize the meat slicer. Meat bits and debris were found in crevices of the meat slicer. Replace the worn, cracked slicer paddle. Clean and sanitize walls and hand sinks of dirt and debris. Clean the grease debris from crevices between the equipment on the cook line. The floors beneath and behind the stove and fryer were greasy and dirty. Clean them to sanitary conditions regularly. Do not use cardboard, clothing or other absorbent surfaces to soak up grease and debris. Replace mop heads for floor cleaning more often so that you are not using ones that have mildewed. Do not store employee coats, purses or hats in the food preparation or storage areas. Personal items and drinks were stored in the food preparation area.


Aug. 18

Pizza Hut: 94

Check to see whether your soda machine is due for service. One employee was not wearing a mask and another was improperly wearing one below the nose. The thermometer in the Pepsi cooler was broken. The manager was not sure of the conveyor pizza oven cleaning schedule or when the oven was last cleaned. The pizza oven had cake don dirt and food debris. The Pepsi cooler was missing door handles. The door handle to the walk-in freezer was broken and being held together with duct tape. The food prep sink near the office area is directly draining into the plumbing system. The sink must be indirectly drained. There must be an air gap between the mouth of the pipe and rim of the floor drain to prevent backflow. The walls, hard to reach areas on floors and in between equipment are dirty. Increase the cleaning frequency. The hood vents were dirty. The manager was not sure when the hood was last serviced. Have your hood serviced and maintain a cleaning schedule.


Elko Convention and Visitors Authority (restaurant): 98

Purchase or make covers for your dish racks so the dishware does not collect dust or debris in between uses. Monitor the temperature of the walk-in refrigerator in the shop area to ensure it stays at or below 41 degrees F. Trim the drain pipes of the three-compartment sink, freezer/refrigerator, dishwasher and ice machine so there is an air gap between the mouth of the pipe and rim of the floor drain. Label the hand sink to the right of the ice machine “for hand washing only.”


Elko Convention and Visitors Authority (bar): 99

The three-compartment sink drain pipes must have an air gap between the mouth of the pipe and rim of the floor drain.

Elko Conference Center: 98

Clean and sanitize the can opener and holster. The dishwasher drain pipes need to have an air gap between the mouth of the pipe and the rim of the floor drain.


Aug. 19

Shutters Hotel (restaurant): 83

Thank you for placing a consumer advisory on your menu. Place an asterisk next to each food item that the food advisory contains to. One of the two hand sinks was clogged and inoperable. The hand sink must be labeled. Flour used to bread chicken must be kept under refrigeration or disposed of after four hours if left at ambient temperature. You must have written documentation of when it must be discarded. Two pounds raw chicken, two pounds raw shrimp, 10 pounds roast beef, five ounces raw salmon, three pounds vegetable patties, six pounds cheese, one pound cut onion, one half pound roasted tomatoes three avocados, two sauces and one pound mixed greens were found between 52 and 65 degrees F. Keep temperature logs of all refrigeration units. Do not use the work top refrigerator until it can consistently keep food at 41 degrees F or below. Purchase thermometers that can read a broader spectrum of temperatures. Open bags of food must be stored in sealed containers. Do not use single service cup as a scoop. Store the handle of the scoop up and out of the food product. Replace broken fryer baskets. Refinish the cutting board and refrigeration prep table. Clean and sanitize oven doors. The doors contained food debris and grime. Deep clean behind and in between the kitchen equipment on the main cook line. Clean and sanitize high touch areas such as equipment handles, broom handles and counters. The food prep sink, ice machine and dishwasher drain pipes must have an air gap between the rim of the floor drain and mouth of the pipe.


Shutters Hotel (catering): 100


Shutters Hotel (pavilion pantry): 100

Sanitize the Keurig machine throughout the day.


Shutters Hotel (bar): 99

Monitor the temperature of the cooler so it stays at or below 41 degrees F. Store the ice scoop directly on the stainless steel ice bin top. Do not store the ice scoop on cloth.

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Big Petroleum: 95

An employee was not wearing. Mouse droppings were present in the storage cupboard. An employee said Ruby Mountain Pest Control services the establishment every three to six months.


Ironhorse RV Resort (packaged foods): 100

Aug. 20

Lone Mountain Station (restaurant): 90

Employees were not wearing masks. The dishwashing machine had no sanitizer. Have your dishwasher serviced as soon as possible. There was apparent mold growth in the ice machine. Clean it to sanitary conditions. The men’s room did not have soap. The dumpster was missing lids and could not be completely closed. Contact the appropriate agency to get replacement lids or a new dumpster. Several employee items were found scattered throughout the food prep area. Designate a space for your employees to place their items.

Lone Mountain Station (bar): 98

Employees were not wearing masks. Customers were observed eating and drinking at the bar top. Drain pipes under the three-compartment sink need an air gap of at least one inch. Two drain pipes were leaking. Clean the floor drain under the draft beer cooler to sanitary conditions. The floor and wall near the soda gun were sticky. Increase the cleaning frequency.

Aug. 26

Spoon Me: 98

Containers of sanitizer for in use wiping cloths must be stored off the floor. Single service articles must be at least six inches from the floor surface.


Our Store: 96

Thermometers were not placed in a conspicuous location. None of the bagged ice was labeled. Be sure to store the mop in such a way that allows it to air dry.


Chef Cheng’s Chinese Restaurant: 69

An employee was observed washing hands in the prep sink and then drying them on an apron. The hand sink is not properly supplied with soap or disposable towels. Canned goods were dented. Raw chicken was found above sprouts and above raw shrimp. Cooked pork and chicken were found at 71 degrees F. Sprouts were found at 72 degrees F. There is no date marking system in place. An ethanol container was found next to chopped walnuts. Do not store toxic items in proximity to food. Raw chicken, eggs and chopped onions were found in containers on the floor. Nothing was covered in the refrigerator. No sanitizer buckets were set up in the entire establishment. The ice machine has apparent mold. Clean and sanitize the ice machine interior. Do not use old cans as storage containers Get NSF rated containers. All floor sinks were filled with debris. Have an HVAC technician check the hood to ensure that adequate CFMs exist to properly remove smoke, steam, vapors and odors form the room. Grease was dripping down from vents and landing on the food prep area.


Aug. 27

Teriyaki Madness: 99

Clean the walls in the prep area.


Golden Gate Petroleum (packaged foods): 97

There was no sanitizer in the wiping cloth bucket. Do not reuse single use articles. Clean the microwave.


Golden Gate Petroleum (snack bar): 100


Golden Gate Petroleum (Port of Subs): 100


Gold Bar (snack bar): 100


Gold Bar (bar): 94

The manager was not sure which sink to use for handwashing. Pick a sink and use it for handwashing only. Provide hand wash signs at all hand washing sinks. The sanitizer bucket was empty.


Roy’s Market: 97

Thermometers are not accurate and need to be replaced. Mops must be hung to air dry.


Port of Subs (3600 W. Idaho St.): 100

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