Food Establishment Inspections
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Food Establishment Inspections

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Food Service Establishment Inspections

Hunt Convenience Stores LLC

(packaged foods): 98

Dec. 4

Place the thermometers were they can be easily read.

Dreez (restaurant): 89

Dec. 5

The date marking system in the establishment is not being properly used. One container of cooked sausage and one container of cooked bacon were found with a date mark of 11/26. The food was voluntarily discarded. Cover all food products in the walk-in refrigerator. Dispensing utensils in food products or dipper wells must have handle up and out of the food or water. Do not use single serve items to dispense food product. Single service articles must be stored at least 6 inches from the floor surface. Replace broken fry baskets and clean the can opener.

Dreez (bar): 98

Dec. 5

Wiping cloths must be stored in a bucket of water with adequate sanitizer concentration. Change sanitizer buckets no more than every 4 hours. Have employees test the solution to ensure the sanitizer is at proper concentration of 75 ppm for bleach or chlorine. Drainpipes do not have adequate space above the top of the floor sink.

Dreez (catering): 100

Dec. 5

Jack in the Box: 93

Dec. 10

Remove all thermometers form packaging and display where they are easily seen within the units. Food in refrigeration must be kept covered. Multiple, small freezer units were found with uncovered food. Invert single serve boxes and other items to protect from contamination. Clean inside both microwaves. Clean the soda machine in the front of the store. The women’s bathroom needs an “employees must wash hands before returning to work” sign.


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The Elko Daily Free Press obtains environmental health inspections of food establishments through public information requests submitted to the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health of the Department of Health and Human Services. Reports are public information, and the selection of reports focuses on food establishments serving Elko and Spring Creek.

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