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Food Establishment Inspections

From the Food service inspections series
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Food Service Establishment Inspections

ELKO – The Elko Daily Free Press obtains environmental health inspections of food establishment through public information requests submitted to the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health of the Department of Health and Human Services. Reports are public information, and the selection of reports focuses on food establishments serving Elko and Spring Creek.

Oct. 21

The Punch Bowl (bar): 95

Place a “hand wash sink only” sign near the hand sink. Look into getting ice rods to keep punch cold. Place thermometers in all refrigeration units. The ice machine had black, slimy residue on the inside ceiling. The soda gun and holster contained pink, slimy material. Clean the gun holster daily. The flooring in the restroom is not durable and needs a commercial, non-absorbent floor. The exhaust fan in the men’s room was inoperable.

The Punch Bowl (snack bar): 100

No snack bar foods were being prepared at the time of inspection. The operator and inspector discussed general food safety.

Quality Inn and Suites: 92

Foods in the refrigerator were found between 45-56 degrees F. The refrigerator is historically warm even though it is set at the lowest temperature. Sixteen 4 ounce yoghurts, 10 pounds of eggs and 75 ¾ ounce cream cheese were discarded. Do not use this refrigerator for food. Dispense spoons, forks and knives with handles up. Do not use sponges for ware washing. Use scouring pads or a bristle brush.

Taco Time: 97

Purchase and install additional dish drying racks so you have room to properly dry your dishes. Set up different colored sanitizer buckets for food surfaces versus non-food surfaces. Thank you for taking the advice and guidance from previous inspections and implementing them in your restaurant. Keep up the great work. The quaternary ammonia sanitizer was at 100 ppm. Refresh it at least every four hours. The ice dispenser piece of the soda machine contained slimy green material. The ice machine drip plate had light pink buildup in the corners. Disinfect mats in the food prep area.

Arby’s: 88

The sanitizer buckets and sanitizer compartment of the three-compartment sink were not dispensed at the appropriate concentration. Have the dispenser serviced as soon as possible. There was an oven thermometer in the walk in cooler. Replace it with a thermometer designed for colder temperatures. Cover the deep frying food in the freezer. Clean and sanitize the ice machine interior. The drain pipe for the ice machine needs a gap. Clean the floor drain by the drive-through window.

Oct. 22

Rubies Sports Bar and Nightclub: 100

No food was being served at the time of inspection. The operator is focusing on maintaining the bar at this time and will start food service within the month.

Rubies Sports Bar and Night Club (bar): 99

Make sure the dishwasher is reaching adequate sanitizer concentrations before you begin using it. There were no wiping cloth buckets set up.

Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Restaurant: 88

Look into getting additional shift leads ServSafe certified so that the manager does not have to be at all shifts. Product temperatures in the worktop refrigerators on the main service line were found to be between 46 and 54 degrees F for greater than four hours. The following foods were voluntarily discarded: eight pounds Pico, one pound cilantro lime, six pounds ranch dressing, four pounds chopped lettuce, 4 pounds guacamole, 15 pounds shredded cheese, ½ pound mango salsa, ½ pound cut limes, seven pounds cotija, ¼ pound cut tomatoes and ¼ pound cut onions. The temperature of the beans in the warmer oven was 111 degrees F. Employees forgot to turn the unit off. Staff could not accurately remember how long the beans had been in there. Two pounds of beans were voluntarily discarded. Product is not properly labeled. Label lime juice, spices, and all food that is out of its original container as to the contents. With the exception of canned beverage products, all food must be stored at least six inches off the floor. A food handler was observed pouring broth into a container that was resting on the floor of the kitchen. The ceiling of the ice machine contained a pink, slimy substance. Clean and sanitize the ice machine interior. Clean the panels of the ice machine of dirt and grime. The hood vents above the fryer were removed for cleaning the previous night and not replaced. Make sure all vents are properly installed at all times the fryer and stove are in use. Replace the cracked lid on the bulk sugar bin.

Oct. 27

Nevada Youth Training Center (kitchen): 99

Trim the small, clear drain pipe under the ice machine so it does not hang into the floor drain.

Nevada Youth training Center (warehouse): 100

Turn on your walk-in refrigerator several days in advance if you plan to use it. This will allow it to be at the proper holding temperature.

Oct. 28

Elko Fiiz: 96

The sanitizer bucket was tested and found to contain no sanitizer. An air gap is needed on the two drain pipes under the soda fountains. Instruct employees to use a designated area for personal belongings. Employee food was found on the several shelves in the small refrigerator. Keep employee food on the bottom shelf to avoid cross contamination. Post your current health permit.

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ELKO – The Elko Daily Free Press obtains environmental health inspections of food establishments through public information requests submitted…

ELKO – The Elko Daily Free Press obtains environmental health inspections of food establishments through public information requests submitted…

ELKO – The Elko Daily Free Press obtains environmental health inspections of food establishments through public information requests submitted…

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