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Food Service Establishment Inspections
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Food Service Establishment Inspections

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Food Service Establishment Inspections

ELKO – The Elko Daily Free Press obtains environmental health inspections of food establishments through public information requests submitted to the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health of the Department of Health and Human Services. Reports are public information, and the selection of reports focuses on food establishments serving Elko and Spring Creek.

July 1

Reosage Mobile Food Truck: 88

A small container was found with one half of an onion and one half of a tomato moldy. The top cooler was found at 57 degrees F. All food product that was purchased and placed in the cooler three hours earlier was moved to the lower cooler. Have the top cooler serviced. Clean and sanitize the microwave, specifically, the inner roof and outer door. Increase the frequency at which you clean debris of the exhaust fan.

July 7

Star Hotel: 94

The dish rack was sitting over the compartment of the sink that is used for hand washing. Keep this area accessible at all times. Dispensing food products or dipper wells must have the handle up and out of the food or water.

The Star Hotel (catering): 100

July 8

Papa Murphy’s Pizza: 99

The sanitizer concentration in the wiping cloth bucket was not adequate.

BJ Bull LLC: 91

Label three-compartment sink basins as to which is for washing, rinsing and sanitizing. One food handler was observed not wearing a mask and one handler wore a mask that did not cover the nose. Educate employees on the location of food test strips and how to use them. Preparing, bottling and selling hot sauce may not be allowed without proper permitting. Food, specifically, pasties, must be marked with the original date of preparation, the date it was frozen and the date it begins thawing. Water spray bottles, sanitizer spray bottles and all food that is stored out of its original container must be labeled as to its contents. Provide ingredient labels and allergens of packaged pies and baked goods on each product, on a placard next to the case or on the case. Pasties and pies kept in the freezers and refrigerator must be covered. Open bags of food must be stored in sealed containers. Wash, rinse and sanitize the dough roller in place daily. Repair or replace the peeling and chipped countertops. Do not store knives in blocks or cracks.

July 9

KFC: 95

A can was leaking or dented.

Boot Scoot’N Brew: 99

Increase the deep cleaning frequency.

La Unica Market (packaged foods): 98

Be sure to label all bagged ice. Clean the catch tray on the coffee machine.

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La Unica Market (bakery): 95

A dust pan was found in the hand sink. Keep the sink clear at all times.

La Unica (produce): 98

Keep an eye on “dollar bags” for spoilage. With the exception of canned beverage products, all food must be stored at least six inches from the floor. Green peppers were found on the floor. No scoop was available for bulk peanuts.

La Unica (deli): 99

Single service articles must be stored at least six inches from the ground. Cups and lids were found on the floor.

Albertsons Market (packaged foods): 100

Albertsons (BBQ): 100

The operator is not barbecuing anything. Please check with your corporate office to determine if you want to close out your permit.

Albertsons (meat): 100

Albertsons (produce): 98

Clean the back storage area of dirt, debris and mice droppings. Pest control serviced the store July 7, 2020 and noted no pest activity. The droppings are probably from a pest problem in the past. Clean up as soon as possible. Establish a cleaning schedule for the dairy cooler. Thaw accumulated ice in the grocery walk-in freezer and other freezers in the store.

Albertsons (bakery): 98

Sand and seal the bakery prep table. Clean black dirt and debris from underneath equipment. Disinfect floor mats daily or as needed throughout the store.

Albertsons (deli): 95

Monitor the center of the hot holding case to ensure foods stays at or above 135 degrees F. Install curtains for the walk-in refrigerator so that it maintains temperature better. Provide dial or traditional thermometers in each refrigeration unit Label bulk spices out of their original containers. Trim the pipe of the three-compartment sink so that there is an air gap between the mouth of the pipe and the rim of the floor drain. Repair the broken light shield in the walk-in freezer.

Albertsons (AFC Sushi): 100

Keep up the great work. Thank you for your thorough labeling, date marking, sanitary methods and food preparation protocols. Please mount the phone to the wall.

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