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Food Service Establishment Inspections

April 27, 2016

Dorado’s Bakery: 92

Potentially hazardous raw food of animal origin was stored or displayed above ready-to-eat foods. The operator relocated the items. The refrigeration equipment is not properly designed for commercial use. An ice chest is being used for cold holding during service. This method is not ideal and a commercial refrigeration unit is recommended to ensure proper cold holding is achieved.

West Wendover Elementary School Kitchen: 100

Arbie’s Ice Cream Mobile Unit: 100

Rainbow Casino Warehouse: 99

The floors are dirty and not maintained in good repair. Please implicate a proper sweeping and mopping protocol.

Rainbow Casino Espresso: 100

Rainbow Casino Cabaret Bar: 98

Thermometers are not provided in the refrigeration units.

Rainbow Casino Sports Bar: 95

The dishwashing machine is not reaching adequate sanitizing concentration. The employees must utilize the warewashing unit in the kitchen until this unit is fixed.

Rainbow Casino Steakhouse: 100

Rainbow Casino Primo Restaurant: 100

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Rainbow Casino 2nd Street Café and Deli: 99

The cutting boards are worn and pitted. They need to be replaced so that cross-contamination is minimized. The drain pipes do not have adequate space above the top of the floor sink.

Rainbow Casino Bimini Buffet: 94

Raw beef must be stored below fish. Lettuce is being stored in a pool of water to keep it crisp. To minimize cross-contamination and the proliferation of pathogens, lettuce must be stored in a dry state. The doors that are located in the rubbish disposal room must be sealed to minimize rodent infestation. There were no test strips available for the ammonia solution.

Rainbow Casino Bimini Bar: 99

The establishment needs to ensure that all employees are regularly testing the bleach concentrations in the warewashing units.

K & R Mobile Ice Cream: 100


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