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Food Service Establishment Inspections

September 13 – October 11, 2016

McDonald’s (Mountain City Hwy.): 99

A leaky drain was observed. Also, the ice machine was not drained to the floor sink. Please find a permanent solution so the machine will drain into the floor sink.

Al Park Conoco Market: 100

Mattie’s Bar and Grille—Bar: 97

Clean and sanitize non-food contact surfaces as specified. There is a large hole in the men’s restroom. The health permit as posted expired in 2013. Post the current permit.

Mattie’s Bar and Grille—Restaurant: 90

Recently cooked bacon was found in the hot holding bin at less than 135 degrees F. The machine was turned up higher to maintain the correct temperature. Cool food from 135 degrees F. to 70 degrees F. in two hours or less. Cool food from 70 degrees F. to 41 degrees F. in four hours or less for a total time not to exceed 6 hours. There was a large bin found in the walk-in refrigerator with an internal temperature of 180 degrees F. Do not store knives or other utensils in crevices between equipment.

Saddle Sore Bar and Grille: 98

The operator was re-using bottles to take orange juice and cranberry juice from larger containers to smaller. There was no written date of transfer. The ice scoop must be kept from falling into the ice. There is significant storage of personal food from the operator in the rest of the facility. Please ensure that this food is not served to the public.

Double Dice RV Park Bar and Grille – Bar: 99

Clean and sanitize beverage gun and holster.

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Double Dice RV park Bar and Grille – Restaurant: 99

Store single service containers so that when retrieved by staff the non food surface is the only surface touched.

Donuts N’ Mor: 97

Ultra pasteurized orange juice was found two days past pull date. Cut drains into floor sink under three compartment sink so as to provide at least two inches of clearance.

Donuts N’ Mor Catering: 95

Raw meat in plastic bags was stored in the same bin as ready to eat salami.


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