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Food service Establishment Inspections

December 31 – March 7, 2016

WH Ranch, LLC: 92

Chlorine test strips could not be located at time of inspection. Provide evidence that test strips are present at the establishment or have been ordered. Clean and sanitize beverage gun and holster.

Maverick No. 510-BBQ: 100

Maverick No. 510-Deli: 100

Maverick No. 510-Market: 100

Arctic Circle of Elko: 96

The counters, walls and floors need to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Drainpipes do not have adequate space above the top of the floor sink. The floors and walls throughout the facility are old and in need of repair or replacement.

J.J.’s BBQ-Burgers & Brew Catering: 100

J.J.’s BBQ-Burgers & Brew Bar: 100

J.J.’s BBQ-Burgers & Brew Restaurant: 87

Potentially hazardous raw food of animal origin was stored above ready-to-eat foods. Raw chicken and beef were not properly stored and segregated. Always store ready-to-eat foods above raw meats and store raw chicken under raw beef. There were no self-closing doors on the restrooms.

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Pine Lodge Bar: 100

Pine Lodge Restaurant: 100

Chimney Rock Golf Course Snack Bar: 90

Please keep the dedicated hand sink clear of any obstruction for easy access. Employees must follow the protocol of wash, rinse and then sanitize in the three-compartment sink. The operator will send more employees to a food safety management class. Currently, only one employee has certification.

Chimney Rock Golf Course Bar: 98

Wiping cloths must be stored in a bucket of water with adequate sanitizer concentration. Set up wiping cloth buckets properly and at start of all shifts.


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