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Food Service Establishment Inspections
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Food Service Establishment Inspections

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Food Service Establishment Inspections

July 6

Albertson’s Market: 95

Two percent milk was found with an expiration date of Aug. 4, 2021. Ensure milk is removed from shelf before expiration date.

Albertson’s BBQ: 100

Albertson’s Produce: 95

The hand sink was not accessible for use by food handlers. It was blocked with a mop bucket and mop. The hand sink must be accessible for use by food handlers.

Albertson’s Bakery: 95

No test strips were available to sanitize the residuals or final temperatures in the dish washer or three-compartment sink. The person in charge must have sanitizer strips available for employees to test concentrations once per shift.

Albertson’s Meat Department: 95

Label bottles and containers containing cleaning compounds as to the contents. One unlabeled bottle was found to contain machine oil, which is only used on non-food contact surfaces.

AFC Sushi at Albertson’s: 98

An employee was seen putting on gloves without washing first. Food handlers must properly wash hands before putting on or changing gloves.

Albertson’s Deli: 95

Ensure all food in the deli have labels with discard dates. Food was found past the manufacturer’s date.

July 13

Double Dice RV Park and Grill: 95

Double Dice Bar and Grill (bar): 100

Ensure that all sauces that require refrigeration after opening are refrigerated. Label bottles and containers containing cleaning compounds as to the contents. Degreaser was found without a label.

Bonanza Produce Co.: 100

July 19

Best Western Elko Inn: 100

July 20

Bimbo Bakeries USA: 100

July 22

Himiko Steak House: 95

Hot weather can cause refrigeration equipment to increase in temperature. Ensure all coolers are below 41 degrees F. Organize meet storage as follows top to bottom: fish and shellfish, pork, beef and poultry. Raw shrimp was found above ready-to-eat imitation crab.

Himiko Steakhouse and Sushi Bar: 98

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With the exception of canned beverage products, all food must be stored at least six inches from floor surfaces. Disposable to-go food containers were found stored on the ground.

Maverik Inc. Market (2520 Mountain City Highway): 100

Maverik Inc. Bonfire Grill: 95

A container labeled meat and proteins containing meat was found with a discard date of Jul 20, 2021.

9 Beans and a Burrito: 82

Ensure establishment back door is closed. Discard fryer baskets if parts of the basket are beginning to fall off. All Serve Safe certifications had expired. The person in charge must renew their certification and email to the inspector. Organize meat storage as follows: fish and shellfish, pork, beef and poultry. Raw chicken was found above raw ground beef in the walk-in freezer. There was no sanitizing rinse in the three-compartment sink. The establishment was using floor cleaner as a sanitizer by mistake. Please check sanitizer concentration at least once per shift. Chicken, beef and to-go containers of salsa were found without labels. Wiping cloths must be stored in a bucket of water with adequate sanitizer concentration. Ensure wiping buckets are changed every four hours. The floors are dirty and not being adequately cleaned. Increase the cleaning frequency of chemical storage room floors.

July 23

Matties Bar and Grill Restaurant: 88

Review glove policy with employees. Food handlers are prohibited from handling ready-to-eat food with bare hands. The line in the kitchen and server refrigerator next to the kitchen was found to be 48 – 50 degrees F. Keep food in another refrigerator until the line is fixed. The walk-in refrigerator in the kitchen had a pipe leaking water into a large bin above food products. Fix the leak and send a photo to the inspector.

Matties Bar and Grill Brewery: 100

July 26: 25

Stockmen’s Hotel and Casino Showroom Bar: 95

The dishwashing machine was not reaching adequate sanitizer concentration. Ensure correct sanitizer concentration is dispensed before opening the showroom.

Stockmen’s Hotel Casino Main Bar: 99

Clean and sanitize the beverage gun and holster.

Stockmen’s Hotel Casino Coffee Shop: 88

Cottage cheese and mozzarella were found past the manufacturer’s pull dates. The mozzarella had apparent mold. The temperature was found to be greater than 41 degrees F. on cold-hold foods. Onions had apparent mold growth. All food in the refrigerator closest to the dish pit was found to be at 60 degrees F. Ensure refrigerators are working properly during all shits. All food, with the exceptions of canned beverage products, must be stored at least six inches from flor surfaces. Disposable pizza circles were found on the ground near the mixer. Whole lemons were founds stored on the floor in the beer refrigerator.

July 27

Khoury’s Fresh Market: 95

Ensure all refrigerators are kept below 41 degrees F. Cut watermelon was found to be 60 degrees F.

Khoury’s Fresh Market Deli: 90

Ensure all food products are sold or discarded by their sell dates. Turkey was found with a sell date of July 2, 2021. The temperature of hamburger patties in the cold-hold area was found at 50 degrees F.

Maverik (117 Boyd-Kennedy Road): 100

Maverik Snack Bar: 100

Mudd Hut (274 Spring Creek Parkway): 95

Fix the hand sink towel dispenser as soon as possible. Label bottles and containers containing cleaning compounds as to the contents. Bleach was found in an unlabeled spray bottle.

July 28

Desert Sno: 100

Domino’s Pizza: 100


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