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Food Service Establishment Inspections
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Food Service Establishment Inspections

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Food Service Establishment Inspections

ELKO – The Elko Daily Free Press obtains environmental health inspections of food establishments through public information requests submitted to the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health of the Department of Health and Human Services. Reports are public information, and the selection of reports focuses on food establishments serving Elko and Spring Creek.

Subway (2130 Idaho St.): 99

There was no sanitizer bucket in use.

Pizza Barn Restaurant: 93

Purchase lids for the worktop cooler food containers and install plastic curtains in your walk-in refrigerator doorway to ensure food is kept at 41 degrees F or lower. The operator has shown a lot of improvement in kitchen cleanliness and sanitation over the last several inspections. Keep up the great work. Foods must be used within seven days of preparation with the date of preparation counting as the first day. Date mark foods that are thawing with the use by date, which is seven days after the food is taken out of the freezer. Label the oil spray bottle and spices out of their original containers. Clean the fan next to the ice machine of dirt and debris. Clean the glass cooler of broken glass and debris. Clean the storage racks.

Grandpa’s Tacos: 90A knife and other utensils were found in the hand sink. Be sure to keep the sink clear. Pork was found at 50 degrees F and voluntarily discarded.

July 10

The Watering Hole: 97Drain pipes do not have adequate space above the top of the floor sink. Create a deep cleaning schedule for all of your equipment and furniture.

The Watering Hole (bar kitchen): 99

Clean the vent “fuzzies” from the walk-in cooler and beer cooler.

Pepsi Beverage Company: 95

Label bottles and containers containing cleaning compounds as to their contents.

Frito Lay Warehouse: 98

With the exception of canned, beverage products, all food must be stored six inches from the floor. Boxes of various chips were found on the ground.

Khoury’s Mini Market (packaged food): 98

Masks were not in use or being properly used by staff or patrons. The inspector saw standing water behind the metal counter the soda fountain sits on. Clean and sanitize the area. Unclog the drain if necessary. Provide “employees must wash hands before returning to work” signs in both restrooms.

Khoury’s Mini Market (deli): 100

Farmer Brothers Branch 052: 97

Provide a covered waste receptacle in the ladies room. Clean the floors near the orange juice and apple juice containers.

Our Store: 92Masks were not in use by staff or patrons. There was no sign on the door explaining Gov. Sisolak’s directives. Milk was found four days past expiration. Label all bagged ice. Clean the cappuccino machine and microwave. The mop that was stored in old water was hung to dry.

Tacos Las Brisas, LLC: 98

Food in refrigeration or storage must be kept covered.

Ogi Deli (restaurant): 93

Tomatoes were found at 48 degrees F and discarded. A single serve cup was found in a container. Do not reuse single service articles. Repair the ceiling in the back prep area.

Ogi Deli (bar): 95There were no test strips available to test the sanitizing residuals or final rinse temperatures in the dishwasher.

Ogi Deli (catering): 100

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