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John Ellison

Nevada Assemblyman John Ellison smiles for a photo at the Ellison Electric office in Elko on Dec. 4. 

ELKO — Nevada Assemblyman John Ellison weighed in on immigration and the partial government shutdown Jan. 8 in anticipation of President Donald Trump’s Tuesday evening address.

“They just use [the shutdown] as a ploy to get people to the table,” Ellison said, adding that he thinks parts of the government should re-open to allow federal employees to get back to work.

“These people are not getting paid,” he said. “These people have families.”

The recently re-elected assemblyman from Elko said there is “an issue we have got to face one way or another.”

The governmental stalemate over the national budget between the Democrat-controlled Congress and President Trump was in its 18th day, one of the longest in history. Trump continues to demand funding for a wall along the country’s southern border.

“Listening to the experts on the wall, I think they ought to do something,” Ellison said, citing his concerns over human and drug trafficking. “Should they build a wall? I agree they should.”

He said he expects that the partial government shutdown soon will be lifted, even if it is because Trump uses an executive order to build the wall rather than through negotiations.

“We’ll know tonight,” Ellison said. “It’s a wait and see kind of thing.”

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