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Travis Morrow, Ryan Klekas, Patrick Klekas, Colby Satterthwaite and Garret Satterthwaite are the members of The Girlfriend Season, a band formed in Elko that is currently on a nationwide tour.

ELKO - Members of the five-man band, The Girlfriend Season from Elko, decided to put their lives on hold and get serious about making their dream a reality.

The band formed in 2007. Prior to coming together to focus their lives primarily on music, the members were split between four states.

Patrick Klekas on guitar, Ryan Klekas as the lead singer, Travis Morrow on drums, Colby Satterthwaite on bass and vocals and Garret Satterthwaite on guitar, reunited in Elko to start breaking into the music scene. The Klekas brothers both graduated from Elko High School and The Satterthwaite brothers graduated from Spring Creek High School.

In the winter of 2008, The Girlfriend Season recorded four songs in Boise, Idaho.

"We were living in different cities and in the end of summer 2009 we said ‘let's just go for this,'" Patrick Klekas said. "We put our lives on hold because we wanted to pursue the band career."

After they made the decision to move forward, the band recorded its first album last October in Fort Worth, Texas, and connected with manager Dean Gagliano from Los Angeles.

The band didn't waste any time and started booking gigs throughout the area.

To push it further and get their name out there, the local band embarked on its first nationwide tour at the beginning of October. The first destination was Oct. 6 in Chicago.

After hitting the hot spots on the East Coast, including New York City, the band is currently making its way back west to play in Las Vegas, around California and around the Pacific Northwest.

The tour concludes Oct. 26 in Reno.

Although the East Coast was a bit rough for the aspiring stars with a broken down van in New York City and a few show cancellations, they are still working hard and committed to their performing.

"We're having a good time. We knew these things could happen," Klekas said. "We're hoping we left our band curse in the Midwest."

Since the band has started the tour, they have gotten sponsorships from both Red Bull and Taco Bell. Taco Bell's Feed the Beat sponsorship only chooses about 50 bands, many of which are well-known.

"It's a good thing to have and it gives us more credentials," Klekas said.

The Girlfriend Season also was the named the number one recording artist on www.purevolume.com for three days this past week, and had the number one downloaded song.

On this website, the band has released a brand new song entitled "Just for Tonight," which can be downloaded for free. Their album can also be purchased through iTunes, amazon.com or at 5 J Music in Elko.

On Thursday the band did an over the phone, on-air interview, with radio announcer deejay Ross Star from Los Angeles, who interviews artists such as Katy Perry and Panic at the Disco.

Klekas said every part of the tour is about getting their name out there and their music heard.

"We're hoping to get to a point where we can do this full time," Klekas said.

Once the band concludes its tour at the end of October they will return to Elko. Klekas said they have been trying to get a gig somewhere in town upon their return, but a lot of places are booked solid.

When they return, Klekas said band members will put most of their energy into writing new songs through the winter months.

"We'll go back into the studio and our manager will shop around to different labels and see what we get," Klekas said.

They are in talks with Elko High School to do a fundraiser show when they return to their home town.

To learn more about The Girlfriend Season, visit www.purevolume.com/the girlfriendseason or go to their Facebook page.

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