ELKO — A recent rash of thefts is prompting law enforcement agencies to advise the public on ways to protect their homes and belongings.

The Elko County Sheriff’s Office and Elko Police Department reported Wednesday that detectives are following up on several leads on home and auto burglaries in both the city and the county.

Meanwhile, they said people should be aware of what is happening their neighborhoods and they offered several tips residents can follow to protect themselves from being robbed:

1. Do not leave your garage doors open even when you are home unless you are actually outside.

2. Do not leave doors or windows open or unlocked when you are not home.

3. Do not post plans for being out of town on social media and do not let your children post that information.

4. Have someone check on your house several times a day while you are out of town.

5. Rather than stopping all your services, have someone take care of your pets rather than boarding, pick up your mail, take out your garbage and pick-up your newspaper.

6. Do not leave your vehicles unlocked, even in your driveway.

7. Do not leave valuable items in your vehicle, especially where they are in plain sight.

8. If you go out of town, notify Elko Central Dispatch 775-777-7300 and ask that your home be placed on a house watch. You can tell them who will be there, what vehicles should be there and leave them contact information for yourself or the person responsible for your property during your vacation.

The law enforcement agencies ask residents to report any suspicious activity by calling 775-777-7300.

If there are any questions, contact the Elko County Sheriff’s Office at 738-3421 or the Elko Police Department at 777-7310.

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