Liberty Peak Elementary

Work was progressing Monday on the new Liberty Peak elementary school on Parkchester Drive in Spring Creek, following a long and snowy winter that hampered construction.

ELKO – A revised zoning plan for Spring Creek’s elementary schools will increase staffing needs at Liberty Peak along with shifting dozens students among the other two schools.

The Elko County School District Board of Trustees approved a variation of Liberty Peak K-5 scenario 5A during its regular meeting on March 12, which expanded Sage Elementary School’s boundaries to include residents along Corral Lane.

The new boundaries shifts approximately 60 students to Sage, utilizing numbers from the district’s records and attendance database, Infinite Campus, and an estimate of kindergarten students, said Superintendent Todd Pehrson.

So far, enrollment numbers pulled from Infinite Campus as of March 4 show that Liberty Peak is estimated to have about 558 students populating the new school, with the addition of two more teaching positions, bringing staff and teaching faculty numbers up to 26.

“Because of the configuration of new students and because of class sizes” two new core teaching positions were added, Pehrson told the board.

First, second, fourth and fifth grades will each have four classrooms, with kindergarten and third grade needing five classrooms, according to the Infinite Campus numbers given to the board of trustees.

Sage and Spring Creek schools will average between three and four classrooms per grade. About 24 core positions will be transferred from those schools to Liberty Peak.

Additional positions for school nurse, counselor, librarian, and teachers for art, music and physical education will also be required to staff Liberty Peak.

Under the zoning boundaries, Liberty Peak is expected to include kindergarten through fifth grade students who live in the Marina Hills (Tract 100) section of the Spring Creek Association, Lamoille, and Pleasant Valley.

Sage’s population will include students living in the Vista Grande (Tract 200) section, along with those residing in South Fork, Lee and Jiggs, and other neighborhoods outside of the association.

Children who reside in Sunset Hills (Tract 300), Palace Heights (Tract 400) and Lipparelli Estates will attend Spring Creek Elementary.

Trustees Jim Cooney and Kieth Fish each said they were pleased with the revised scenario.

“I like these numbers a whole lot better than what we were looking at the previous two meetings,” Cooney said. “It balances Sage out, too.”

“It allows for some growth in Spring Creek,” Fish added.

Construction update

Thanks to snowy weather conditions, construction of Liberty Peak is slightly behind schedule, according to Allan Stefka, clerk of works for the district, who said the construction crew is working overtime to make up for lost days over the winter.

“The weather slowed things down,” said Stefka, who is in charge of the project. “There were some losses in some areas and some gains in others.”

Stefka said the delays could put the completion date into the fourth week of June, about a week past the deadline, yet he expects that the school should open by the first day in late August.

“We’re in great shape in time for school to begin,” he said.

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