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CARLIN – Always return your rental car.

That was the lesson a Carlin woman learned after being arrested early Thursday morning for driving a rental car that she had not returned.

Darlene Viera, 34, had rented a car from Bakersfield, California, and did not renew the rental. The car was reported stolen by the leasing agency after being missing for about two weeks.

An officer in the area was aware Viera had the rental car and ran the plates to see if she was still in legal possession of the vehicle. Viera said that the car was a rental she had not returned and was arrested for possessing a stolen vehicle.

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Carlin Police Chief Dennis Fobes said he is not sure how long Viera planned on keeping the car.

“They let them have it for quite awhile before they reported it stolen,” he said. “I don’t know if they ever intended on returning it or just keeping it until someone came after them.”

Viera’s bail was set at $20,000.


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