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Elko Medicare: What would you do?


What would you do if approximately three years ago you were talking to a medical professional about what it takes to obtain a family physician in Elko if you are on Medicare. The person told you that he could not take any more “charity cases”; his allotment of Medicare patients had been met.

Also, during this time frame you were told by many people “the best way to retire in Elko, was to leave”.

There is a shortage of doctors who take Medicare. We could compare us seniors to an endangered species. We humans are encroaching on their habitat; we seniors are being forced out of our habitat because there are limited resources to handle our retiring population and our need for doctors to care for us.

What would you do if you called the staffers of Senator Heller, Senator Reid, and President Obama about the problems in Elko County with Medicare access to health services and did not get a reply, or an acknowledgement of the calls?

What would you do if you knew or experienced the limited physician access to Medicare; would you let it go or would you be willing to support a group who is trying to improve the Medicare problem? That group is Medicare in Elko Work Group, next meeting Feb. 24 in the Senior Center, 6-8 p.m.

In conclusion, what would I do? Thank all the people who have voiced their opinions and followed up with their actions to make an easier path to find medical help for Medicare people.

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It took an effort from the local, medical, city, county and state people to make Medicare physician access better. We need all your help to make it great. It can be done!

Bob Swenson

Spring Creek


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