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Senior prank

Students at Cumberland High School pulled a senior prank for the ages when they put half of a junked car up against the side of the school and used a black tarp and loose bricks to make it look like the car had crashed into the building.

Cumberland Police Department

CUMBERLAND, Wisc. -- With graduation season here, high school seniors across the country have begun the time-honored tradition trying to pull an epic prank before leaving.

From Kirkwood High students putting 2,015 cups filled with water in the commons and Parkway West students taking over and redecorating a principal's parking spot to incidents that get police involved, such as uprooting 35-year-old trees or building a swimming pool inside a school and then leaving the water hose running all night, trying to leave a memory without crossing the line presents a challenge for every senior class.

Consider that challenge not only accepted, but also perfected, by a senior class in Cumberland, Wis., a small town about 70 miles northeast of Minneapolis. School officials arrived Monday to find what looked like a car that had crashed through school's wall. Except, unlike this drivers license building that took a hit during a driving test, the school building wasn't damaged at all.

The students found most of a junked car, put it up against the wall, then used a black tarp, tape and a bunch of loose bricks to create an elaborate illusion.

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Even the city's police department had to give the students a shout-out, offering the class congratulations on its Facebook page and calling the scene "one of the best senior pranks that Cumberland High School has seen." The school district gave a salute, as well.


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