Cattle owner dumps 13 carcasses on BLM ground, is cited and ordered to remove carcass
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Cattle owner dumps 13 carcasses on BLM ground, is cited and ordered to remove carcass

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Cattle carcasses dumped near Shoshone

Thirteen cattle carcasses were dumped earlier this winter on Bureau of Land Management ground near Shoshone. The unidentified owner has been cited, says the BLM.

SHOSHONE, Idaho — The Bureau of Land Management has cited a cattle owner for dumping 13 carcasses on public lands near town and ordered the person to remove the carcasses.

BLM investigators tracked down the unidentified owner by the brand on the cattle, the federal agency said in a Wednesday statement.

“The case hasn’t been resolved yet — so BLM can’t release the name of the individual,” BLM spokeswoman Heather Tiel-Nelson said in an email. “The individual has the right to either pay the fine, appear before a U.S. magistrate judge or request a jury trial. Until the individual chooses which of his/her rights to exercise, this is considered an open criminal matter.”

This isn’t the first time such dumping has happened on BLM ground, the statement said.

“It is extremely unfortunate that this type of activity occurs all too frequently on our public lands,” BLM Shoshone Field Manager Codie Martin said in the statement. “It has a domino effect that reverberates through our communities; from the hunters and hikers offended by the sight and smell to the grazing permittees that have to move their cattle to a different pasture due to a reasonable concern of contagious disease from not knowing the cause of death.”

The carcasses were found by a BLM employee earlier this winter, the statement said.

“Disposing of household or construction waste or dead animals or leaving behind trigger trash are not victimless crimes,” Twin Falls District Law Enforcement Ranger Mike Billo said. “We do our best to investigate these illegal dumping sites and hold those responsible accountable.”

Illegally disposing of waste on public land is a misdemeanor and can carry a maximum one-year jail sentence and up to a $1,000 fine.

The Twin Falls BLM District asks people to call 208-735-4600 to report any illegal dumping they see.


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