A new scam: Speeding tickets from the DMV
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A new scam: Speeding tickets from the DMV

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CARSON CITY — The Nevada DMV is warning motorists about a speeding ticket scam that has surfaced in the Silver State.

Hackers are sending out emails, purportedly from the DMV, about alleged traffic violations that can only be paid online with a credit card.

The emails demand payment of a fine within 72 hours and contain links for “EasyPay” or to contest the citation.

The Nevada DMV does not issue traffic citations or collect fines, according to Director Julie Butler.

“It’s unfortunate that these criminals are posing as the DMV to scam innocent people,” Butler said. “Don’t click on the links. The scammers are after your personal information and your device could be infected with malware.”

Citations in Nevada are written by law enforcement officers and handled in municipal courts, the DMV explained.

Nevada does not have any automated systems for traffic enforcement, and motorists are never notified of a violation by email.

Log on to elkodaily.com to view a screen shot of an email received by a Nevada motorist.


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