Thrift Store Remodel 1

Shanelle Beasley sweeps at Ruby Mountain Resource Center's thrift store, which underwent a floor remodel this month.

ELKO -- Ruby Mountain Resource Center is ready to reopen its thrift shop today following the completion of a floor remodel.

The project began Jan. 17, but took longer than expected because the carpets were glued on.

"Desert Design had to scrape that glue off by hand," said Executive Director Naomi Leahy.

Anthony Lewis prepared the concrete and painted it, making the floors easier to clean than before.

"We appreciate both of those companies working with our timeline and getting it done as quick as possible for us," Leahy said.

The thrift store also underwent some changes in layout at the 1980s building. Two half-walls were removed, and the register was moved to the opposite side of the store, facing the front door.

"It's really nice," said cashier and job coach Hannah Russell. "We're able to see a lot more of the store now."

The children's clothing is in a more obvious location, and the play area is visible from the cash register.

"It's much more possible to help everybody," Russell said.

Most of the other items in the store have also been moved.

The thrift store is located at 806 River St. and will be open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. today. Regular hours are

Ruby Mountain Resource Center serves as a training facility for 19 disabled adults.

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