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Trouten to become police chief
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Trouten to become police chief


ELKO – In a great show of support, city officials, law enforcement officers and Elko Police Chief Ben Reed himself recommended Capt. Ty Trouten lead the police department beginning in November.

“Succession planning is really critical in a department like the police department or fire department,” said Elko City Manager Curtis Calder. “There is a hierarchy there for a reason. We spend a lot of time, effort and money preparing all the officers from entry level all the way to police chief for advancement and that is for continuity purposes.

“It is without reservation that I am recommending Ty’s appointment,” he added. “I was the guy that hired Ty and I have watched him advance through his career and I believe he is ready for the position.”

Trouten has served with the Elko Police Department for 22 years. Two years were in the Reserves and the rest have been as a full-time sworn officer. This is the only agency Trouten has ever tested for.

“There is only one time in my career I’ve considered leaving the police department and that was what we call ‘P.R.,’ pre-Reed,” Trouten said. “Things were not great. In 22 years I have never seen our department functioning at this high level of performance across all boards. My goal would be not changing direction, but rather getting up to speed and commencing flight operations and doing better and greater things for our community.”

“Ty is ready to go,” Reed said. “Captain Trouten meets the technical qualifications of the job description, but more than that, he is ready, he has the respect of the employees, and he has matured to the point where he is personally ready. It is not an easy assignment. There is a big difference when you are at command level and all of a sudden you become the appointed official and there is no one else to check with, it’s all on you.”

“To Ty, the city council and Mayor, Ty and I have pretty much grown up together in this community as law enforcement officers,” said Elko County Sheriff Aitor Narvaiza. “We’ve had great times, had bad times, cried together and laughed together. Ty and I have been on the SWAT team together and there is no doubt that when we crashed a door Ty always had my back and I have had his back. We are going to keep the county and the city working together. I strongly urge you [city council] to accept Ty in that position as chief.”

“I have worked with Ty my entire career here in Elko,” said Elko County District Attorney Tyler Ingram. “One thing that I have noticed in particular is the continuity that these law enforcement agencies in Elko County now have with one another. It has greatly improved in the last few years.”

Ingram makes a concerted effort to respond to crime scenes and attested to the smooth operation local agencies have in accomplishing goals. He said there are no “turf wars” here.

“My office acts as a check and balance between what law enforcement does and what the courts actually see,” Ingram said. “We do that in such a way that we have to work together. The relationship that I have developed with Ty as a deputy D.A. and now as a D.A., it is the right transition to make sure that my office continues to have that relationship with the police department so we can continue to do the best work that we possibly can.”

“Thank you all for your comments on that,” said Mayor Reece Keener. “Despite putting in the long hours he managed to obtain his bachelor’s degree earlier this year. It is a huge job. I mean, you look at Chief [Reed] and he is about 25 pounds lighter now and his blood pressure is probably down about 40 points. With all this support do you actually want the job, Ty?”

“I do,” said Trouten.

The mayor and Elko City Council unanimously approved Trouten as Elko Police Chief, effective Nov. 3.


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