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Commentary: An open letter to Sheriff Narvaiza
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Commentary: An open letter to Sheriff Narvaiza

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Thank you for your support of the free citizens of Elko County. You have been elected to ensure that our natural rights are secure from all threats both foreign and domestic. I’ve seen you at various rallies promoting the defense of the Constitution of the United States. Every hour you occupy in such endeavor, is an hour well spent.

I believe the time has come when the independent, liberty-loving people of the United States of America will finally stand against the continual, degrading, illegitimate influence of forces that despise personal liberty, and crave subjugation and control. The natural tendency of man, as stated in our Declaration of Independence, is to endure this subjugation as long as it’s possibly bearable. Over the past eighteen months we the people have seen a grand sketch performed. At times this skit is alternately both comedic and tragic, but no one capable of reason is under any delusion that it has more than the most superficial resemblance to truth.

In response to the initial presentation of what appeared to be a world-wide threat to life, our Governor declared a state of emergency, and began directing the affairs of the state pursuant to his legally delegated powers. Initially he imposed measures aimed at slowing the transmission of the disease in an attempt to enable our medical industry to handle the anticipated, vastly increased, demand on its resources.

These measures were, while extreme, at least partly understandable. Not every state’s governor pursued the same course of action. This freedom for local response is part of the perpetual genius of the United States. Each locality can confront novel challenges in the way they see fit. After the initial disruption, rational comparisons can be made between the various responses. Best practices can then be adopted and implemented throughout the Union, by any political entity wishing so to do.

Since the original advent of the novel corona virus, and its associated disease Covid-19, dramatic efforts have been made to protect humanity from the disease. The best, state-of-the-art technology has been employed to develop a vaccine that will prevent mortality and allow civilization to carry on with normal interactions. The vaccine has been created, tested, approved, declared safe and effective, and made readily available to anyone desiring its protection. Thankfully the initial fearful moment has passed.

The emergency is now over. Your job as duly elected Sheriff of Elko County is to ensure that the rights of your citizenry are secure. You answer to the electorate. Governor Sisolak did not endow you with the privilege of enforcing his mandates. We, the people of Elko County, have entrusted you to stand between us and any threat to the security of our rights.

Does a right exist to breathe mask-filtered air? Perhaps. Does a right exist to force a child to exhale through a mask, so that all others can breathe mask-filtered air? Certainly not.

The great question before us today is not whether COVID-19 is real. It’s not whether the virus constitutes biological warfare against humanity. It’s not whether masks effectively prevent viral infection, or whether our vaccine is safe or effective. The question we face today is the same our collective fathers faced at the birth of this great nation. Will we be governed by the arbitrary whim of a ruler, or will be governed by our own legitimately established laws?

The emergency is over, the far greater crisis is far from decided.

Today, your deputies stood against rational freedom, and on the side of arbitrary mandate. I forgive them, wholeheartedly. I will attribute their behavior to common ignorance. In the future however, it is incumbent upon you to instruct them. Your job, their job, is not to enforce gubernatorial mandates. Your only reason to exist as sheriff, is to secure the rights of the governed. I do now, and have always paid taxes. I claim the right for my children to attend public school. The school claims the right to exclude my children for failure to comply with a gubernatorial mandate. As an elected officer of the people of Elko County, will you secure my right to enjoy a public good, or will you side with the arbitrary demands of tyranny?

I know this puts you in a tight spot. I apologized for the absolute necessity of this position. I recognize that you did not seek office to stand at such a tumultuous time as this. This is your office now, this is your duty now. You can either stand in a manner to bring pride to the hearts of your freer children for generations, or you can shamefully submit to the illegitimate pressures upon you and have your grandchildren rue their cowardly lineage.

Now is your moment. Who is Aitor Narvaiza?


Brian Gale is a Ruby Valley rancher who says his children were not allowed to attend school in Wells on Sept. 15 because they were not wearing masks.


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