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Whether or not you like the policies of this President, the way he is acting appears to be symptomatic of someone who is either mentally ill or does not believe in our Constitution and Democracy. The list of things that he has said that are outrageous is very long and his explosive tweets show him to be mentally unstable to me. He has made racist comments about our Hispanic Americans and people of color in Africa and South America.

His latest rants about engaging in a trade war can only lead to deterioration in our trade relations with some of our oldest allies, including Canada and loss of jobs in this country. It is important to remember that trade wars lead to recession and worse. The Smoot-Hawley Tariff of 1930 took a worldwide recession and turned it into the Great Depression, which then led to World War II.

He also said he would drain the swamp but has made it much worse by rewarding incompetent friends and family with jobs in his White House, and then they and he have used their positions of power for personal gain. The corruption of this Presidency is the worst in our nation’s history.

But the worse thing he has done is his wholesale assault on Congress, the Judiciary, and the Free Press. He has verbally defamed Congressmen and Senators who did not agree with him. He has verbally assaulted Judges and even members of his own Administration, to include the head of the Department of Justice, the leaders of the FBI, and the entire Intelligence community.

The Congress and the Judiciary were meant to check the power of the Executive so that we did not end up with a dictator like the King of England, who we rebelled against.

Trump must be removed now, before it is too late. His inflammatory rhetoric has divided the country and alienated the world. It is also quite clear he has intimidated many of the Republican members of Congress. Had President Obama ever acted like Trump does towards Congress, he would have and should have been impeached. Congress must get rid of Trump now.

The Vice President, McConnell and Ryan should meet with him shortly and demand his resignation. If he doesn’t resign, then they must kick him out either by invoking the 25th Amendment and declaring him unfit for mental reasons, or by impeaching him.

President Pence will still pursue a Conservative agenda and probably get more done, but he will not act like a paranoid schizophrenic, nor will he attempt to turn our democracy into an autocracy. And President Pence will not insult our allies as Trump has done to South Korea, Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Nor will he cower before Putin.

I urge everyone to call our Congressman Amodei and Senator Heller, and demand that they stand up to this President’s assault on the Constitution. And if they don’t show some courage, threaten them with being kicked out in their next election. Urge them to stand up for our Democracy now.

John Scire has a PhD, an MBA and was a captain in the U.S. Army (retired).


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