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Commentary: Nevada needs Laxalt, so does America

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This year we will be making important decisions as we elect those who will represent us in government. Perhaps the most important decision here in Nevada is who we send to the United States Senate. Our decision may be the one that changes the balance of power in the Senate and by doing so puts the brakes on an out-of-control administration. The “Build Back Better” plan the administration has for us is designed as President Biden has said, to “Fundamentally Transform America.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to fundamentally transform America. I like it the way it was envisioned by our founders.

Unfortunately, all of the Democrats in the United States Senate, with the exception of two, appear to be willing to support the Build Back Better legislation and, unfortunately, our Senator Catherine Cortez Masto is not one of the two.

A Senator who is good for Nevada is also a Senator that is good for America and is someone that will speak out against our crisis on the southern border, the disaster in Afghanistan, out of control spending that caused our present inflation and a presidential decision that stopped our energy production and in short order changed us from energy independent to energy dependent.

The incredible debt that comes with build back better will be a fraud perpetrated by us on generations to come and will inject government too much into our lives. Nevada should not have a Senator that is that far left of where the average citizen in Nevada is and tweaking a tax provision in the legislation as Cortez Masto has done to make it a little less ominous, while supporting the legislation as a whole, doesn’t cut it.

If we choose to send Adam Laxalt to the United States Senate this year, here are just a few things we can expect.

In 2020, Nevada was rated the top location for mining investment in the world. Our state’s mines produce more than most countries put together. Protecting Nevada miners should be a top priority for anyone who represents this state. When Democrats in Congress tried to impose a royalty on miners, Cortez Masto indicated her support for doing so. She only reversed course after Adam Laxalt called her out for failing to protect our mining industry. There has never been any question where Laxalt stands.

When Joe Biden nominated as National Director of the Bureau of Land Management, Tracey Stone-Manning, who first gained notoriety as an eco-terrorist, Cortez Masto voted in favor of her confirmation. Sound management by the BLM, like we had in our last administration and supported by Laxalt, is essential to our livestock industry and mining. Now, that will be lost.

Cortez Masto also supported the Biden administration’s decision to move the Bureau of Land Management’s headquarters back to Washington DC and away from the western states that hold most of the public lands. Laxalt opposes that move.

Adam Laxalt, as our state’s Attorney General, always stood up for rural Nevada. He fought against overbearing land use regulations involving the sage grouse, even when the Governor of his own party was on the opposite side of the issue.

Laxalt opposed Governor Sisolak’s oppressive Covid 19 regulations and has been a leading voice in calling for a ban on teaching of critical race theory in our schools.

Regarding AB291 “Red Flag, firearms confiscation laws”, State Senator Ira Hansen confirmed, when speaking to the Senate on May 31, 2019, that Adam opposed this legislation: He said, “In the hearings, Attorney General Adam Laxalt’s name came up as being in favor of red flag laws. I contacted him and asked him about this. He made it clear he would be 100 percent against this law on the basis of the violation of an individual’s due process rights.” Cortez Masto has co-sponsored legislation to bring red flag laws to the federal level.

Yes, this is important and these are just a few examples of the difference in who is there now and who the replacement should be and who wants to fundamentally transform America and who wants to keep what we have always treasured and make America great again.

Rancher Demar Dahl is a former Elko County Commissioner.


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