Being the old, full-blood Western Shoshone traditional foot-soldier, the messenger from Elko, Nevada. People: I’m going right to the point about the White man’s corporate world of their corrupt politics. Being one of the little taxpayers like the others, it’s how to write the truth about these politicians that lie all the time about their politics.

The truth, they say, no one is above the law of the land, not even Trump and his followers, but Mueller’s work is honorable for the people. “We the people,” we all know where he stands. But here is Barr: with other racist politicians. They all should be going to jail with their so-called President Trump to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

This old Traditional Indian foot-soldier, he is saying this, with this New Green Deal they’re talking about. March these racist people like they did to the Indian people of years ago, our past Indian elders were sent to these prison camps we are on now. “We the Indian people,” we are still prisoners of war. So march these racist bureaucrats and corrupt politicians to Cuba and that will put some people to work and that will change the climate in politics.

People, if you are following this important report, it will solve some of our problems. But “we the people” that are paying taxes need to stand up to these so called politicians that are always screwing us all the time with their educated word. The old and new age group, we are the indigenous people of the 21st century. Today, we are following the White man’s important educated words. That is to “sue” the United States Federal Government for $70 trillion plus interest for destroying our land of birth.

It’s our past relations, sovereign Indian Nations from time past. From the beginning of time, when these two and four legged animal people were formed, they had all the rights. It starts from the land, water and on to the air that we are all breathing today. But as we’re going forward, we the indigenous people “united we stand as a true guardian to this sacred red-earth of our creator that controls the universe,” the old Indian elders who walked before us, used to say. He is the man that controls our inner spiritual circle for all the traditional indigenous people from the four different directions of this Red-earth that we are all walking on today.

This old Shoshone messenger, the foot soldier, is following these well worn out Indian paths that lead from spring to spring. These old springs, they are not visible anymore, because of the White man’s corrupt politics. Indigenous people of today, we need to remember how frequently these springs were at that moment of time when our old Indian people were around. It was their source for their healing power of years ago, but now it’s all gone.

Now moving forward to this old Shoshone history of generations ago in time. This was their traditional way of saying it: “Thom-ha-na-ne-wena. With their old tradition and the history of time past. People, it’s been said years ago, the best way to see our Indian country is by walking. They, the elders, say the sagebrush plant is a symbol of immortality, and they also say, centuries ago most of our indigenous people lived very close to their land of birth. It’s their sense of belonging, it’s their great source of strength and vitality. But our past traditional Indian elders, they understood their four sacred surroundings of their land they still own to this day. They also said, “When you look at an old tree or a field you have walked on, there is life like food and medicine for all of our people.”

These old Indian people of ours, they observed their old Indian world in a different way than today. They have learned not to destroy what was put in place but how to protect it in the best possible way for future generations that are still coming. These old traditional people with their old wisdom and common sense, it’s their true Indian blood that carry the true culture and it’s their philosophical relative to its untenable extreme.

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But today there is a different kind of Indian war cry by this new Western Shoshone age group. Centuries ago the old traditional Indian warriors had a different kind of war cry.

Today it’s now August 2019, this new age group that’s going forward with their old Indian leaders old issues in a different way, to break down the federal government’s silent code, this is through higher education.

The future Indian leaders, like “Chief Robert Leo Brady,” he is a 21-year-old that is an independent and self-governed Shoshone traditional.

One of Robert’s goals is to form this new organization that will be called “the Ruby Valley International Treaty Council”, to move the Shoshone traditional foot-soldier’s master plan forward so all the people can understand the idea. The other future Indian leader is Vanessa Jackson. She is a 14-year-old “buffalo woman” warrior.

She also is an independent and self-governed Western Shoshone traditional, and her younger sister, Kaylynn Pelt, “The little lone Grey Wolf,” is an 11-year-old traditional also.

This new age group all need to be up front on all of our important Indian issues, from the past to the present. This report is to all the people who have been following this old Traditional Shoshone messenger, Manuel Coochum, an elder who is now 76 years old, a traditional messenger, he is writing the true history from our past Western Shoshone elders’ moment of time. People: This all started from the day our old relatives were robbed from their traditional land base they called “Newe-Sogobi.” It’s their land of birth with their old traditional Western Shoshone language.

P.S. This is to all people that have been following this important report, I’m addressing Raymond Yowell’s question about what our Indian land is worth. It’s worth $70 trillion. This new age group are also to address the lawmakers that are changing our constitutional rights to walk over our past indigenous elders’ sacred land. They owned all of this land from the beginning of time. But today it is the changing of time for our old Indian Country with this new age group to “sue” the United States Federal Government for stealing and destroying our land base and our Indian rights. People, it all starts from the land we still own to this day, our water rights and our Native people’s resources. This adds up to $70 trillion plus interest.

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Manuel Coochum is a Shoshone elder resident of Elko Indian Colony.


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