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Commentary: Tell lawmakers no on public healthcare
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Commentary: Tell lawmakers no on public healthcare

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On Tuesday, May 4th, the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services heard Senate Bill 420, sponsored by Democrat Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro. The bill, also known as “CannizzaroCare,” establishes government-run healthcare in the State of Nevada that has the potential to not only irreparably damage our healthcare system but also drain our state’s coffers.

Just over the next few years, the development of this “public option” will cost Nevada taxpayers over $77 million. The total cost of this program to state government for the near future will add up to nearly $200 million. Additionally, the cost to individual Nevadans, not just in dollars but also in their access to healthcare, is immeasurable.

Government-run healthcare has presented significant problems every time it has been tried. However, Legislative Democrats seem to have left their history books at home and are trying to push through the same anti-free market, anti-healthcare policies that have led to poorer health outcomes for people the world over.

While SB420 is being rushed through the process by Democrat leadership as the session comes to its final weeks, Republicans have introduced genuine solutions to the problems facing Nevada’s healthcare system that have unfortunately been ignored and left behind to the detriment of all Nevadans.

One such bill, AB142, sponsored by Freedom Caucus Member Assemblyman PK O’Neill, would help solve Nevada’s shortage of healthcare professionals by entering our state into the Nurse Licensure Compact.

“Nurses are the backbone of our healthcare system. The excellent care that they provide is desperately needed. We must prioritize the reforms and initiatives that will actually improve access to healthcare for all Nevadans. Now is not the time to dredge up old, partisan gimmicks that have proven disastrous,” said Assemblyman O’Neill.

As Nevada Democrats let good policy proposals die in a drawer while they force dangerous, big-government healthcare on Nevadans, the Nevada Legislative Freedom Caucus is calling on every citizen who cares about sound healthcare policy as well as responsible government to make their voices heard.

Reach out and let your representatives know that you oppose SB420. You can find their contact information at the following links:



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Members of the Nevada Legislative Freedom Caucus are Assemblyman Jim Wheeler (Chairman) Assemblyman John Ellison, Assemblywoman Jill Dickman, Assemblyman Richard McArthur, Assemblyman PK O’Neill, and Assemblyman Andy Matthews.


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