Merriam-Webster defines “Legacy” both as a noun and as an adjective. As a noun, “a gift by will, especially of money or other personal property.” And, as an adjective, “something transmitted by, or received from, an ancestor or predecessor, or from the past.”

In communities across Northern Nevada the word “legacy” is often associated with the widely known activities of The Newmont Legacy Fund. Our friends might describe the Legacy Fund as an organization that writes great big checks to a long list of non-profit agencies. However, if you are a Newmont employee, a non-profit agency volunteer, a client who benefits from the service the program provides, or a staff member of one of these agencies, you know that dollars are only a portion of the overall value that the Legacy Fund contributes helping to build a stronger, healthier, safer and more vibrant quality of life for all who live and work here.

As an Elko resident since 1988, I have enjoyed the privilege to represent for-profit and not-for-profit agencies throughout northeastern Nevada. I have served our community as a volunteer, as a donor and as an employee in positions responsible to award corporate gifts, as well as have been the staff-person assigned to seek them.

There are many important qualities that differentiate the Legacy Fund from other philanthropic programs in our area but here are some I believe to be most significant:

  • An investment system for its employees to give a donation to any non-profit organization of their choice, which spreads the donation over the year conveniently collected through payroll deductions creates corporate goodwill and provides a way for the employees to increase the amount of support to the agency. $1, $5, $10,$100, or more contributed over multiple pay periods all year long, by even a handful of employees, generates a significant contribution back in to our community. In addition to this, Newmont Mining Corp. reinforces and rewards the generosity of their workforce by matching each and every donation, dollar for dollar.
  • Newmont Mining Corp. intentionally encourages their employees to volunteer time and expertise to support the agencies who receive financial support.
  • Partnerships developed through the Legacy Fund with community leaders, faith based organizations, government programs, public, private and non-profit agencies and philanthropic resources both within and outside of our region help to ensure that duplication of services is greatly reduced, and that collaboration is increased among sectors which weren’t formerly communicating and therefore not likely to be working together.
  • A long term outlook on the health and sustainability of our communities through the thoughtful creation and growth of an Endowment Fund. Funds are building in the community endowment fund so that if, or when the mining industry begins to decline, our communities will continue to benefit from the financial support established during the prosperous years.

I personally want to thank Newmont Mining Corp. for supporting the creation of a Legacy that has made my community stronger, smarter, more generous, more compassionate, and more grateful than a simple large financial contribution could have provided on its own.

All of our lives are better not just for what you’ve supported, but how you’ve supported the Legacy Fund.

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