Commentary: The countdown to RNC 2020 begins

Commentary: The countdown to RNC 2020 begins

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This past weekend we eclipsed 100 days until we convene the 2020 Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. State Committees from all over the country have been working around the clock with the National Committee for over a year to produce this world-class event to renominate President Donald J. Trump.

We’re incredibly excited to share the vision of President Trump and the legacy he has already created when thousands join us in Charlotte. The 2020 Republican National Convention will be an opportunity to share our principles and our ideas with the American People. Most importantly we’ll show the results the President has been able to deliver these past three and a half years.

President Trump — breaking with the failed liberal policies of the past — implemented his “Promises Made, Promises Kept” agenda. This bold conservative agenda is directly responsible for the historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passing, the first major reform to the VA, implementing policy making America safer and more secure than ever, and appointing two conservative Justices to the Supreme Court. Most importantly, the President has built the greatest economy the world has ever seen and will do again after the coronavirus crisis ends. All of this will be highlighted with an incredible, and more importantly safe, Republican National Convention.

RNC CEO Marcia Lee Kelly and her team have been working day and night to ensure the safety of our guests in light of COVID-19 while also providing them a memory they will never forget. The RNC’s preparation has allowed the events team to remain on and even ahead of schedule, and it allows them to adapt their plans if need be.

In addition to having the expertise of CEO Marcia Lee Kelly, the RNC has also hired experienced health and medical preparedness staff to advise on the health and safety protocols. Dr. Jeffrey W. Runge, MD, FACEP is joining the team with over 35 years of experience as a board-certified physician, as well as extensive experience in safety and risk management, medical preparedness and planning. The addition of Dr. Runge will be invaluable as we work to ensure the safety of our attendees at convention.

The RNC’s commitment to the well-being of attendees and guests is unparalleled. Continuing to work with health experts, medical professionals, entities such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the White House Coronavirus Task Force will allow the guests peace of mind. In these unprecedented times, the RNC will take every step needed to ensure the Convention goes off without a hitch, and all in attendance are able to enjoy it without fear.

As we draw closer to August 24th, it’s important to remember the process to nominate a presidential candidate is a tradition unlike any other. It’s importance and significance are unique to America and should not be taken lightly. While the past few months have been difficult, America will be watching. Fear and trepidation will be replaced with hope and optimism for America’s future as we nominate President Trump in the Queen City.

I look forward to gathering in Charlotte in fewer than 100 days where we will nominate a President who has done more for this country in a few short years, than most could have done in multiple terms: President Donald J. Trump.

Michael J. McDonald is chairman of the Nevada Republican Party


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