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Commentary: Things to think about before you vote

Commentary: Things to think about before you vote

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It seems that every four years we’re told that, “This is the most important election in history!” In 2020, that axiom seems more true than ever. As the president of the Nevada Republican Assembly, there are some important issues of which I’d like to make everyone aware.

If you vote for Joe Biden and other democrat candidates:

— There will be an end to the Electoral College, and Nevada will no longer figure in presidential races. Our population is not large enough to be significant. We will no longer have equal footing with the more largely populated states. Our democrat majority in the state legislature is in favor of ending the Electoral College. The democrats also want to give illegal aliens and 16 year olds the right to vote.

— We will have open borders and National Healthcare for all. Can you imagine how much worse Covid would have been if the borders were open to anyone, regardless of their health and background? The democrats would have gang members, drug dealers, and child traffickers given the same opportunity to enter our country as people who just want to have a better life. We have immigration laws, and we’re either a nation of laws, or we’re not. The democrats also want to abolish ICE; in other words, illegal alien criminals will just be released, often without bail, back into society. Do you think United States citizens can afford to pay for healthcare for illegals? Democrats think you can. President Trump has a truly affordable plan for healthcare insurance, and it will cover pre-existing conditions.

— The democrats will eliminate Trump’s tax cuts. Don’t believe Biden when he says he’ll only raise taxes on those who make over $400,000. How many of you own a house worth more than $400,000? If you sold it, you’d owe 40% of what you made in taxes under his plan. He’ll also bring back the Estate Tax, which levies heavy penalties on your heirs. According to a new study by the Wall Street Journal, Biden’s economy plan will cost the average family $6,500. Speaking of the economy, Biden will end the China tariffs. As evidenced by his son Hunter’s business dealings with China, Biden is for CHINA FIRST, not America. He’ll bring back NAFTA so that the balance of trade is no longer in our favor. Any manufacturing gains we’ve had would be lost.

How has your 401K done under Trump? It’s been so healthy because of Trump’s deregulations and growth of manufacturing that has flourished during his administration. The stock market will tank under Biden.

— Do you value your 2nd Amendment rights? Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have both voiced support for a government-mandated buyback (code for CONFISCATION) of AR-15s and other commonly-owned semi-automatic rifles. Both are for defunding the police, and Harris even raised bail money for violent, felonious offenders to get out of jail during this summer’s riots.

— Biden would have us police the world again, and pay more than our fair share to NATO and other military alliances, and subsidize foreign countries that have no need for our financial assistance. Troops won’t come home, and in fact, their presence around the world would be increased. Under President Trump, we’ve become energy independent. This is a national security issue, and now, we can no longer can we be manipulated by the price of foreign oil.

— We’d re-enter the Paris Climate Accord and start our payment of $3 BILLION into a fund to stop climate change. Does anyone seriously think this would have any significant effect, except to taxpayers’ pockets? How many schools, bridges, hospitals, etc. would that build in America? Biden and Harris also support the Green New Deal. This “deal” is an attempt to extort more money from taxpayers to line the pockets of bogus “green” companies like Solyndra, who stole $535 million in a loan that was guaranteed by Biden during Obama’s administration. The Green New Deal is Solyndra on steroids.

— The democrats will pack the Supreme Court, raising the number of Justices from nine, to 13. They will do this to overcome the conservative majority now on the Supreme Court. This can only be done if Biden is elected and the U.S. Senate majority goes to the democrats. They will also end the filibuster. Currently, the Senate cloture rule requires 60 members’ votes to end debate on most topics and move to a vote. The democrats want to change that number to 51, so they can ram through legislation easily. Their effort to make Washington DC and Puerto Rico states, would also ensure their success on any piece of democrat legislation, as these two new states would undoubtedly elect democrat congressmen and senators. The United States Federal Government would totally be under democrat rule.

Our economy was at its most successful level in history before covid. President Trump will make America great again! He is fighting for all Americans. Turn off the TV and use your own judgement. Watch what is actually happening; not just what you are being fed through mainstream media. Please consider your vote for President Trump.

I hope you’ve learned something from this opinion. As President John F. Kennedy said, “The ignorance of one voter in our democratic republic impairs the security of all.”

Juanita Cox is president of the Nevada Republican Assembly.


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