Commentary: What exactly is Trump guilty of?

Commentary: What exactly is Trump guilty of?

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Given the lack of consensus and purposeful disassembling, it is difficult to know what is real and what isn’t. This is especially true with anything related to Trump.

I have several questions.

This is not an attempt to defend Trump. I do not like Trump, probably for many of the reasons that his enemies dislike him. I suspect many anti-Trumpsters didn’t like Hillary and are embarrassed by Biden, but they vote for the candidate who will most likely run the country in a fashion closest to their desires. I did the same.

So, after following this circus for four years, these are honest questions.

What crime has Trump committed? It is almost impossible to get a clear picture of this.

What specifically has he done that is a crime? After months of hearings, and years of scheming, the House presented us with two charges against Trump: abuse of power, and obstruction of Congress.

Which means what? These could mean almost anyTHING, so what specifically are the things?

The second question: Is Trump guilty of doing anything you wouldn’t allow your own people to do?

What has Trump done that Obama or Biden hasn’t done? Other than not liking his style and personality or the fact that he is not a progressive, what is unique about Trump?

Trump is corrupt and Biden isn’t? Obama was trained and advanced through one of the most corrupt political machines in North America.

So, other than disliking Trump for personal and political reasons, what specifically has he done that demands the vitriol and hate dumped on him?

Claiming he is a racist isn’t sufficient. Sorry, currently that claim is too easy. The charge has lost all meaning. Some have even claimed that Obama was racist. Woodrow Wilson was a blatant racist. John Kennedy was as well. Currently, according to some academic theories, 70% of all Americans are racist.

So, other than having political views, policy and a personality you don’t like, what are Trump’s crimes? If you can identify them, please note the ones your own people are not guilty of.

Maybe you don’t like his tone. Perhaps you don’t like the atmosphere that has developed since he started campaigning for president. Most Americans are sick and tired of it, but this suggests another question. Are Trump’s attacks unprovoked or are they reactionary?

Like the children’s taunt of “He did it first!” Who did it first?

Give me some stats here. Are Trump’s attacks 90% reactionary and defensive, or is only ten percent?

One of the first tenets of propaganda is to attack your enemies until they respond, and then blame whatever follows on them. Has this been happening here? Or was Trump not acting like Bush, who wouldn’t defend himself while being called a liar and a murderer by some of the current anti-Trumpsters?

Which leads to the last question. Why is it acceptable to vilify your political opponents without expecting a response?

Dennis Clayson is a marketing professor at the University of Northern Iowa. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect those of the University of Northern Iowa.



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