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US Rep. Mark Amodei

“Much to my surprise, the conferencing process with the Senate resulted in the overall improvement of this bill in several areas. Based on the average incomes in CD-2, and the percentage of taxpayers currently taking the standard deduction versus those who itemize, all of the data I have evaluated on both sides of this argument leads me to believe this bill will result in widespread tax relief for Nevadans.

These improvements will not only put more money back into the pockets of Nevada taxpayers, but they will also simplify the filing process while giving our nation’s job creators significant potential for reinvestment and growth.

Finally, for the newborn deficit hawks, you either believe that more money circulating in the private sector increases tax collections – or you don’t. Based on my research, and the history lessons we’ve learned from the Kennedy and Reagan Administrations, I believe it. While only time will tell, I’ve never been a fan of anyone’s predictions regarding the state of our economy a decade from now.

US Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto

To give a giant tax cut to corporations and the top 1 percent, Republicans ignored decades of their own fiscal responsibility gospel. Their reckless vote will harm generations to come and could make Social Security and Medicare the next potential target of Republican fiscal mismanagement.

This partisan bill, drafted behind closed doors without the input of a single Democrat, balloons the federal deficit by $1.5 trillion, provides a permanent tax giveaway to corporations who ship American jobs overseas, and over time, will raise taxes on millions of middle class Americans.

In addition, the GOP tax give away will leave 13 million more Americans without health insurance and send premiums and deductibles skyrocketing. Nevadans deserve better than a temporary tax cut. Our kids will be paying for this ill-conceived corporate giveaway for decades to come.

SBA Administrator Linda McMahon

As the first major update to the tax code since 1986, passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is a monumental achievement that can serve as an inspiration for every American who has ever dreamed of opening a small business. As I’ve traveled around the country, small business owners have repeatedly told me that they want lower taxes, less burdensome regulations and a simplified tax code. The bill as passed today successfully delivers in these areas and upholds the commitment that the President made to the American people to promote pro-growth economic policies.

I am confident that small business owners across the country will see increased opportunities for the development and expansion of their businesses in the upcoming years as a result of this important legislation. I applaud Congress for their hard work and thank President Trump for placing such a high priority on issues that matter to small business owners.

Battle Born Progress Executive Director Annette Magnus

Last night, Senator Dean Heller betrayed Nevadans and the rest of the country. The Republicans’ tax bill is not relief or reform, it is a veiled attack on health care and a gift to the wealthy and big corporations.

To pay for permanent corporate tax cuts in the bill, the Republicans will repeal the individual responsibility provision of the Affordable Care Act, which will destabilize markets, strip 13 million Americans of health insurance, and raise premiums 10 percent. They will also now work to strip Medicaid and Medicare from hard working Americans.

To say we are disappointed in Senator Heller is an understatement. We are outraged. Heller’s constituents made their voices heard on this scam and he flat out ignored them. Nevadans will remember this vote and Heller will be held accountable for not only supporting this scam but also having helped write it.


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