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Readers, your online engagement commenting on some of the Elko Daily’s top stories of 2018 left us sometimes smiling, other times cringing, and at times pondering the deeper meanings of things.

Thanks for reading and remarking in 2018, and we encourage your continued enthusiastic participation in the new year.

Here’s a look back at what you had to say on our website and on social media in 2018. Some remarks have been trimmed, but they remain in your own words.

“Oh, cool story, bro” — Stuart Hobbs, Facebook

“The Trump Rally was AWESOME!! Making America Great Again” — Penny Foster, Facebook

“The sniveling coward Trump has repeatedly shown an affinity for violence, repeatedly inciting it against the free speech of his critics and the free press, even saying he’s willing to pay for the consequences of their violence. Maybe the painful application of an anti violence object lesson for coward Trump would be useful to stop his constant cowardly calls to violence, a good old fashioned public horse whipping.” — J Russ,

“ Zorionak Aitor!!!” — Maria Carmen, Facebook

“That’s one of the best places in Elko.” — Kimberly Palhegyi, Facebook

What the hell?” — Chelsie Hammond, Facebook

“My kids love seeing him walking around. They always smile and wave!” — Jennifer Glasgow, Facebook

“Mr. Porter, I always enjoy returning your wave, or giving you beep on my motorcycle if I’m going the other way. I’m glad EDFP finally did a piece on you to make you more famous.” — a_eighe,

“Yep great! Gave it a try the other night. I gotta try the boil next time.” — Delmo Andreozzi, Facebook

“Oh no! Where will our civic leaders and trailer trash go for their fun and entertainment. This is the beginning of the end for our economy. I’m moving to Carlin!” — Lweyle,

“The city council are wolves in sheep’s clothing. There is a whole lot more going on than we will ever know.” — BonzaiBaby, EDFP

“We now see why Rice is done and wants to wash his hands of the corrupt, hypocritical mess that is the Elko City Council. No to a medical marijuana dispensary that would benefit those with medical and pain management issues in the community, but a filthy brothel where meth and heroin abound is quite alright. I mean, where would Elko’s good-ol-boys go to play if Mona’s went away? — Elkoholic,

“Makes me proud of all you’ve done. The Hesson/Pearce families are thrilled with your sense of preservation and history.” — Janet Pearce Petersen, Facebook

“This is fantastic” — Amanda Vance, Facebook

“Another Fairy tale from the book of Bull**** ! They might have been shooting at one of the Unicorns that hang out up there !!” — Mike Presti, Facebook

“The investigator from the fire marshal’s office is highly qualified. He is well versed in wildland fire causes.” — Gary Davis, Facebook

“Geez Rexie, take off the tin foil hat for a minute and let your gray matter get some air. Believe me, it’ll do it some good. Lord forbid we allow the canyon to heal a little bit before we turn the monkeys loose to tear it up again. I’m curious if these people think the few extra dollars is worth the tax money that will be spent to yank people (hopefully alive and uninjured) out of the canyon if/when there’s an avalanche or rock slide??” — snkht42,

“Firefighters, landowners and all involved, be safe. God Bless” — Anita D Green Paquett, Facebook

“Too bad all that effort was spent protecting vacation cabins instead of protecting our camping resources.....” — Jim Shepherd, Facebook

“You should send this to the Gazette Journal to let them become aware that there is more “burning” in Nevada than their (wall-to-wall) coverage of ‘Burning Man....’ “ — Duncan Monroe, Facebook

“‘Tough season.’ Yes, when you don’t let cattlemen turn out cattle early enough to eat down the cheat grass, then this is what you get. Another “burn and earn” season for the BLM: lots of fires equal job security. Time for the local ranchers to rear up and stop taking this sitting down and sticking heads in the sand....” — TwoReinJane,

“Bad. Bad News. Ely will become the cesspool of Nevada because of this. Everyone will leave Ely and it will become a god-less heathen hole of sin. What is our country becoming? This is not the land of the free anymore. shame.” — Zeff Ovaf,

“And it’s a wonder why people don’t spend their money in town and elect to go to other cities.” — Stefan Goehring, Facebook

“Alexandra we should make a trip to Ely” — Kaitlin Skeen, Facebook

“Wake up Elko! Once again we are falling behind” — Jose Cheech Rodriguez, Facebook

“That’s as it should be. Rest their souls.” — Debbie McLaughlin, Facebook

“Now be the time to get stocks” — Xavier Armendariz, Facebook

“This was a good article. I’m glad the reporter took the time to do some research and explain what they are trying to achieve out there.” — Lindsey Garcia, Facebook

“What good is a fence without metal detectors and a closed campus? Makes not much sense to me. …” — ToniJo Caetano, Facebook

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