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Sheriff responds to letter
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Sheriff responds to letter

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Sheriff Aitor Narvaiza

Sheriff Aitor Narvaiza

As Sheriff of this great County, I have a responsibility to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. I also have an absolute duty to protect and serve the citizens of this County.

The schools are under direct order from the State of Nevada when it comes to mask mandates and vaccine mandates. Please understand that your fight against these mandates is not with me, it is not with the school board, it is not with the administration at the schools, with the teachers, students, and certainly not with your fellow citizens of this County. It is unquestionably a fight against an illness and the misinformation that has been spread to enforce mandates.

Nowhere in my oath did I swear to enforce mandates and none of the deputies of this office will enforce mandates. There have been a lot of arguments and passion in the meetings in Elko County over the last several months as everyone is tired of dealing with COVID-19 and the mandates that have followed. Each state in the union has tried a slightly different approach on how to deal with this illness and each has failed in some way. If there was a simple solution to this illness and how to deal with it, it would have been implemented with great success months ago. The reality we face today is that there is no simple solution, nor is there a magic bullet, or vaccine, or mask, that will fix this issue tomorrow, or next week.

My staff is, and will continue to be, at the schools to do our absolute best to ensure the safety of the children and the teachers. I value education and still firmly believe that our children need a place to learn, void of politics and fear. We will not be enforcing mask mandates or vaccines.

My staff and I are constantly researching this process and working on solutions to benefit our County in what has been one of the most difficult and dividing issues I have ever faced in my lifetime and certainly as a law enforcement officer. Please work with me, with your schools, and with your neighbors to find solutions.

Fighting amongst ourselves in this County will not solve anything. I will continue to work with County Commissioners and our legal team to fight against unlawful mandates and to find solutions that work for us as a community, together as one. Because that is the only way a solution will ever be found.

Sheriff Aitor Narvaiza

Commentary: An open letter to Sheriff Narvaiza

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