A recent news report said a tightening U.S. job market and looser marijuana laws in some states have led to the decline of pre-employment drug tests. But most Americans see the value in drug screening potential employees, and few say a failed drug test has prevented them or a family member from getting a job.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 61 percent of American adults believe drug testing should be required of applicants for all or most jobs. Twenty-six percent disagree, while 13 percent are not sure.

Only five percent of adults say a failed pre-employment drug test has prevented them or a family member from being hired for a job. Ninety-one percent haven’t had this issue.

The Bloomberg News story noted that marijuana is now legal in nine states and Washington, D.C. For that reason, some employers in those states, such as Digital First Media in Colorado, ended pre-employment drug testing for all non-safety sensitive positions.

Forty-nine percent of voters favor the legalization of recreational marijuana use in their state, with opposition declining in recent years.