The State of the Union seems to be OK; it is the State of our Congress that worries me. We have narcissistic leaders addicted to power and the halls of Congress are clogged with them. It is an infestation! The solution to all problems has been to create an alphabetical soup of agencies and appoint clones of themselves to head them: just another government socialistic Ponzi scheme.

Basically, most have never been involved in a real-life business. The percentages of past President’s cabinets (with the exception of Eisenhower, Reagan, & G.W. Bush), who actually worked in something other than politics have all been below 55 percent. Obama’s administration hit the lowest at only 8 percent, least of the last 19 presidents, and is a good indicator of its incompetence, most having spent their time in academia, government, nonprofit jobs or as community organizers. In contrast, the Trump administration outdid them all, at 90 percent having business experience. Just look at our economy! The proof is in the pudding.

Our representatives do a great job, however, at self-serving: their children do not have to pay back their college student loans, (their staffers are gifted with the same advantage); they have exempted themselves from many laws under which we ordinary citizens must live. For example, they are free from the Healthcare Reform they imposed on us; they are relieved from any fear of prosecution of sexual harassment, in fact there is a slush fund to hush up any protests. The perks and benefits are endless.

We are told by these apathetic elites that it is OK for illegal aliens to invade our country, violate our laws; OK to give birth and steal our American birthright, enlist in every welfare program including Medicaid at our hard-earned expense. Immigration is an elective policy and should never be a liability in terms of public charge or health and safety risks. Why do we defend other nations’ borders and not our own? Will they ever put America FIRST?

Sadly, today’s government is constitutional in name only, simply giving it lip service. Fake news and our public non-education system have propagandized masses of people into the belief that government is looking out for our best interests and they can and should be all things to us. It is benevolent socialism at its best, under the guise of democracy.

We have been given perpetual war, massive debt, bailouts, an embarrassing education system, confiscatory taxes, an intrusion into State issues, a bankrupt Postal Service and Amtrak service, a crumbling infrastructure, and I could go on and on.

But no wonder they accomplish little or nothing: I share with you their work days from the 2019 Congressional Calendar: January: 14 days; February:12 days; March:13 days; April:11 days; May: 14 days; June:16 days; July: 12 days; August: 0 days; September: 12 days; October: 12 days; November: 8 days; December: 8 days. This adds up to a total of 132 working days out of 365, about $1,318 per diem based on their salary of $174,000 per year no matter how many days they work.

Even these figures are exaggerated as members fly in on a Monday so rarely anything gets done; Also, the calendar says no votes after 3 p.m. on Friday, so that’s a waste as everyone heads home and the Halls are deserted by noon. How many of you have a job like that? Now, they will tell you they do a lot of work for their constituents when back home and I don’t deny this obligation but it’s rare to see them unless it enhances their image or their pocketbooks. However, this absentee pattern explains why so little gets done in Washington and why so many look at it as a lifetime employment opportunity. Many spend half a day every day fundraising or meeting their dues requirements for the Pay-to-Play committee seats they aspire to.

If they would just make Monday or Friday a full work day it would add needed workdays to the calendar in an effort to plug the gaps in some of the challenges facing our country. Can you believe that Alexandria O. Cortez says they are due a raise?!

The Democrats and some Republicans are obsessed with trying to win an election they lost and engrossed with instigating as many investigations as it will take to achieve the result they want: impeachment of a duly elected President! We would be better served if they galvanized their efforts to curb drug trafficking, work toward a balanced budget, cancel programs that should not be reauthorized, execute term limits, strive for adherence to our Constitution, and give us decent laws to eliminate the invasion of our southern border.

Americans, YOU must become more informed, speak out, hold our representatives accountable. Read “Drain the Swamp” by Congressman Ken Buck, “How Washington corruption is worse than you think.” And it is!

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Thelma Homer writes for the Tea Party of Elko.


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