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I am Attorney Tony Liker and I am running for Elko City Council. I don’t kneel at football games and I won’t kneel at council meetings. These are my other campaign promises:

1. I will vote no on all dope houses. 90 to 95 percent of all meth, opiate, and heroine users started with marijuana first. There are ways to get medical marijuana elsewhere. Our kids deserve better. Look at Colorado which is now a mess. If elected I will be the only former prosecutor on the council, I think makes me an invaluable asset to Elko.

2. I am totally against domestic violence. The police and prosecutors do a great job in Elko and take it seriously. They will have my vote on this issue.

3. My father and uncle were police officers. Most of my uncles were army. I am very pro law enforcement. The bottom line is the police are not paid fairly in Elko. Many of the officers and prosecutors leave for Vegas or Reno as they pay better. Miners risk their lives for their families. The police risk their lives for our families and us. Yet they are paid poorly. The going rate for miners is $100,000. The police deserve no less. The criminals and criminal defense attorneys laugh at Elko because they just wait for the police witnesses to leave town so they get a better deal or their case dismissed. This happens significantly and not to mention all the experience we lose when an officer or prosecutor leaves. Law enforcement should be priority number 1. Comparing their wages to Twin makes no sense since the pay is poor in Idaho and we are not losing officers to Idaho. I will fight for law enforcement to get what they deserve. Officers are the most important thing in our city to protect our families. I will give them the respect they deserve. I will not spit on their boots.

4. Lander county has over 150 million in the bank and wasted 23 million on the best court house in the state and Eureka pays their teachers better than anyone in the state. These counties can’t spend all this money. Don’t our police, teachers and kids deserve better? Almost all miners and their families live in Elko. This means more votes. Why don’t we fight for a fairer share of the mine tax revenues? We don’t need the mines to pay more. We need a bigger portion of the mine tax allocation pie.

5. I am for bringing back another Casino Express back to Elko. We don’t need the devil’s marijuana money. With more revenue from casino express, we can pay the police, prosecutors and teachers what they deserve.

Diversification of city taxes will ease the burden that the mining companies have carried for so long. We can afford a better city for our families. We can afford better activities for the kids and families. I believe the divorce rate would go down if their were more fun activities to keep families together. The downtown can thrive again. The police in Wendover are paid much better than Elko. Why? Casino Express?

6. I am also for making criminals who can afford an attorney pay for their own attorneys instead of having the city pay for it. A few jurisdictions have done this. It is a little known fact that the judge and prosecutor cannot legally investigate whether a criminal defendant has $100,000 socked away somewhere but lies to the judge otherwise. An independent city office can do this and the city could also charge a fee for providing an attorney if the defendant has money to pay. Currently, if a sex offender harasses a child and is charged with a crime, the city has to pay for his lawyer if jail time is asked for. Does that make sense? It in effect encourages crime as the criminals get a free lawyer. So in Elko does crime pay? I thought crime was supposed to not pay.

I am attorney Tony Liker and I am asking for your vote for Elko city council.

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